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Warning: This file has been copied from last semester, and some information/links need to be updated.

OpenGL Sample Program

You may program in either C or C++. Choice of platforms includes:

  • Visual C++ on your own PC running Windows.
  • C or C++ on the CSIC Linux-Lab Machines.
  • C or C++ on the your own Linux-based or Mac-OS machine.

This directory contains a small sample OpenGL program along with a number of Makefiles for various systems. The entire bundle can be downloaded through the following link.


It can be opened using Winzip (on Windows) or gunzip and tar (on Unix). The sections below describe the directory's contents.

  • Source code sample1cpp.cpp for a simple C++ program.
  • Source code sample2cpp.cpp for a somewhat fancier C++ program.
  • Source code sample1c.c for a simple C program.
  • Source code sample2c.c for a somewhat fancier C program.
  • Readme files for the various platforms:
  • Makefile: Makefile for the CSIC linux machines.
  • The directory VisualStudio10 contains, the solution files for the sample programs assuming you have Visual Studio 10. (If you have an earlier version, you will need to create your own project.)

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