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What is HCI? Psychopathology Giving Feedback (Part 1) Design Psychology
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Giving Feedback (Part 2) Evaluating Interface with Users (Part 1) Evaluating Interfaces with Users (Part 2)

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12/10: Final exam take-home question.

12/04: I changed the last reading to be The Future of Human-Computer Interaction (as seen in 2006) (it was going to be about the QUIS but I think this reading is more interesting). I've also posted a summary of the journal entries as a bullet list based on things said in the syllabus, on the web site, and in class.

12/03: Some thoughts and notes about the presentations.

11/20: I am moving the "will be shown to me" part of the project timeline to class time on November 25th. While the "aggregation" stage of the Diamondback evaluation is going on, I'll ask a representative from each team (one by one) to come to the desk to show me your interactive prototype.

11/19: Homework #4 (which will feed into our next in-class activity on November 25th) is posted. (This was actually HW #5 - I'd forgotten that the CITI training was assigned as a homework).

11/13: I've updated the Heuristic Evaluation slides so if you've loaded it already (before 1:30pm today) you'll want to reload that page or download the PDF again.

11/11: Class Participation Assignment #4 will replace class on November 27th. I am posting it now so that there is plenty of time to do it before that weekend if you so desire. There are two parts, both need to be done by class time on December 2nd.

10/30: The reading assignment for this weekend is the Visual Design slide deck. For your journal, select 3-5 concepts that you feel could be very useful for your team project and/or your capstone project (if applicable).

10/30: If you didn't notice it in the ethics slides, there is a consent form guide online. I've also posted an example template (that you'll of course need to modify to your project and remove things like contacting the University IRB group with questions, etc. since we are not having reviews done by them.

10/22: Please go to www.citiprogram.org and sign up for the "Social & Behavioral Research - Basic/Refresher" training course there. The full training is quite long, so for this course you only need to do the readings and quizzes on the first three modules; (1) Belmont Report and CITI Course Introduction, (2) Students in Research, and (3) History and Ethical Principles. These should be done by November 7th. I will also be posting the project timeline tomorrow and discussing it in class. You might want to save the PDFs into your "open notes" folder for later use.

10/14: Some question and sub-question ideas for helping study for the midterm.

10/11: I forgot I didn't add a link to
grades.cs.umd.edu here. I've been posting the homework scores, etc. there.

10/03: Homework #3 has been posted.

09/30: I have posted two new readings on elms.umd.edu on the topic of design psychology (DOET chapters 1 and 2) to wrap up our introduction to that topic.

09/26: This past week's slides on design psychology. Please read through the full set - other examples and discussion are inside.

09/19: This week's slides on user psychology and human-vs-design error.

09/18: A new homework assignment (#2) to explore everyday things and how they are designed.

09/16: Slightly updated slides from class so far.

09/13: I've posted a new reading (p61-smith) over in the "Files" area on elms.umd.edu. You do not have to read the entire paper if you don't want to. What I would like everyone to read is the abstract and the conclusion to get a general idea of what the paper is discussing. While the paper is from 1987 and the system is (afaik) long gone, I think the issue of literal -vs- magic in user interfaces still exists. For your journal entry, reflect on any aspects of modern interfaces that you think behave as "magic" rather than literal to the metaphor.

09/12: Slides from the first three class sessions are posted. Also, homework #1 is posted.

09/05: The first two official course readings (ones which should be written about in your journal) are posted on ELMS. When you log into elms.umd.edu there should be a menu item for "Files" that you can select. The two readings are named Co-opDesign-Bodker and p44-myers. These will provide a starting point for next week's class discussions as we continue to discuss "What is HCI?" and one of the techniques that we will use in our design work.

09/04: The course syllabus is posted.

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