Discrete Structures (Fall 2014)
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Grading Policy

Your grade is determined by your performance on weekly quizzes, homework assignments, two midterms, and one comprehensive final exam.


Approximate Grade Weights, by category
Homework Assigned weekly 1% each
Quizzes Weekly, in Discussion Sections 1% each
Midterms (2) Two Mid Terms 24% each
Final Will be comprehensive 36%


Quizzes are given during the first ten to twenty minutes of Discussion session on Mondays. Midterms are given in regular lecture, and the Final is given per University schedule:

Midterm #1 22 October Wednesday 6-9pm BRB 1101
Midterm #2 19 November Wednesday 6-9pm 101, 102, 103, 201, 202: Chem 1407 203, 204, Honors: CSIC 1115
Final Wednesday 17 December 2014: 4-6pm 01xx: BRB 1101;; 02xx: BRB 1101;; 03xx: EGR 1202;; Hnrs: CSI 1122


Students who feel that an item on the midterm or final exam has been graded incorrectly may appeal that grade by providing a written appeal to the Instructor within one week of the return of the exam.

Students appealing any grade should bear in mind that if, upon re-examination and reconsideration, it is determined that the student's solution offered as an appeal merited fewer points than the original response, then the Instructor may adjust the student's grade accordingly: in order words, your grade may be negatively impacted by a poor appeal.

Teaching Assistants and Office Hours

Teaching Assistants: Office Hours & Locations
Name Email (contact) Office Hours Room
Karthik Abinav Sankaraman karthikabinavs@gmail.com M: 10am-Noon; W: 10-11am AVW 1112
Vikas Shivashankar svikas@cs.umd.edu M: 1:30-3:30 pm; W: 1-2pm AVW 1112
Hossein Esfandiari esfandiari.hossein@gmail.com F: 2-5pm AVW 1112
Huijing Gong gong@cs.umd.edu F: 2-5pm AVW 1112
Ladan Najafizadeh ladan.n@gmail.com M: 12-1pm;W: 12-1pm;Tu: 11:00am-12:00pm AVW 1112
Yi Qian yiqian@cs.umd.edu Tu: 1:30-3:30pm; W: 10-11am; AVW 1112
Peter Sutor psutor@umd.edu M: 1pm-3pm; T: 11am-Noon AVW 1112
Zheng Xu zhengxu@cs.umd.edu Tu: 3:30-5:30pm; Th: 3:30-4:40pm AVW 1112

Teaching Times/Locations by Section
Section Teaching Assistant Days: Times Room (CSIC)
0101 Ladan MW: 10-10:50am 3120
0102 Ladan MW: 11-11:50am 3120
0103 Peter MW: 12-12:50pm 3120
0201 Yi MW: 2-2:50pm 3120
0202 Vikas MW: 10-10:50am 1121
0203 Vikas MW: 11-11:50am 1121
0204 Karthik MW: 9-9:50am 2117
0301 Huijing MW: 9-9:50am 3120
0302 Huijing MW: 8-8:50am 3120
0303 Yi MW: 1-1:50pm 3120

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