CMSC 420, Section 0301 - Data Structures

Fall 2016


24 Aug 2016
Web page created.
28 Aug 2016
Assignment 1, 2 and Project posted.
29 Aug 2016
Update TA room location.
3 Sept 2016
Updated project discription (very minor changes).
Grace cluster is now running.
5 Sept 2016
Please note that you must submit the project in writing at the beginning of class. It is due at 11AM Sharp. NO late submissions will be accepted.
6 Sept 2016
Input/Output samples for project part 2 have been posted.
7 Sept 2016
Please note that an enhanced project description has been posted on the assignments page.
8 Sept 2016
Spatial data structures and MX-CIF quadtree information link added to resources page.
13 Sept 2016
Please note that assignment 2 is due on September 16th please give the assignment solutions to Chris in his office hours on friday, email Aya or Chris your solutions or leave your solution at Professor's office.
15 Sept 2016
Please note that deadline for project part 3 has been posted also a paper "H. Samet, J. Sankaranarayanan, M. Auerbach Indexing methods for moving object databases: Games and other applications. In Proceedings of the ACM SIGMOD Conference, pages 169-180, New York, June 2013." has been added to resource page.
18 Sept 2016
Please note that the sample input/output have been posted on this page and on grace, also a small correction was made in the output program in the notes, new notes are now uploaded.
Note: when implementing the code for part3 if TRACE ON make sure you print the nodes in the ORDER THEY ARE VISTED before you print the instruction output this is shown in the sample input/output.
20 Sept 2016
Please note that assignment 3 and assignment 4 are posted they are due on September 27th and October 4th respectively.
23 Sept 2016
Project part 3 deadline has been extended till Thursday September 29th.
24 Sept 2016
Important notes on project:


  • A correction was made in output file, line 27 and 28 were changed:
    0 0X 0Y -> 0 0X 0Y 4 0X 0Y 1Y
    RECTANGLE_SEARCH(VADER): found 1 rectangles: LUKE -> RECTANGLE_SEARCH(VADER): found 2 rectangles: LUKE HAN
  • A new sample was added containing "DISPLAY()" sample uploaded on class page and on grace.
  • When you ssh to "/afs/glue/class/fall2016/cmsc/420/0301/public/Project1_Part3", run command "./drawing/showquad sample2.out", you will see the result.

  • Drawing:

  • Please make sure you set up X forwarding instructions available here.

  • Grading for Quadtree-project:

  • There are 80 points in total: 10 points for part-1, 10 points for part-2, 30 points for part-3, and 30 points for part-4. Grading on Part-3 and part-4 is based on the operations you implemented. There is a "x points" before each operation paragraph in quadcif.pdf. "x" is the points for this operation in final score. After test data, we will review your codes. If you just use brute-force algorithm and get the correct answer, you may get 30% points on this function.
  • 29 Sept 2016
    Midterm-Exam date has been posted here
    Project part 4 deadline in on October 13th.
    First 3 Lisp assignments have been posted.
    30 Sept 2016
    Sample input/output for project part4 have been posted.
    6 Oct 2016
    LISP assignment 1, 2 and warm-up deadline have been posted.
    7 Oct 2016
    Deadline of Lisp warm-up extended to October 20th
    21 Oct 2016
    Lisp projects and there deadlines have been posted
    29 Oct 2016
    Lisp homework posted deadline is Thursday November 3rd
    30 Oct 2016
    Added starter file for lisp project 1
    6 Nov 2016
    Added starter file for lisp project 2
    18 Nov 2016
    Added starter file for lisp project 3
    12 Dec 2016
    Please note that the exam topics are available here
    13 Dec 2016
    Please note that content of exam topics have been updates here

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