CMSC 131-040X


CMSC 131-040x, Fall 2017

Taught MWF 3-4pm by William Pugh


Introduction to Programming in Java: An Interdisciplinary Approach (2nd Edition), by Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne


CMSC 131 is designed to get you started being comfortable and capable writing programs. It is open to people with no previous programming experience, and we will strive very hard to make it appropriate for such students. We also understand that some students taking 131 have some previous programming experience, and we will work to provide those students with interesting and challenging learning experiences.

I’m going to be trying to do some new and innovative things in CMSC 131 this fall. I hope these will be productive and useful, but things might be a little bumpy. Here are some of the key new things I’m going to be trying to do:

We are going to spend about the first month of the course working with Processing, a programming environment designed to make it easy to get started but that also allows you to create amazing artistic creations. Once you’ve learned the basics, we will transition to programming in Java 8 using the Eclipse IDE. This should be an easy transition, because Processing is really just a wrapper around Java, and the syntax and language features in Processing are exactly the same as in Java.

The class will be taught in the large collaborative auditorium in the Saint John Center, which is the same basic design as the Antonov Auditorium in the Iribe Center (opening for Spring 2019 classes). This a tiered auditorium, but at each level there are two rows of seats, and the students in the front row on each level can pivot their chairs 180 degrees to be face to face with the students sitting in the row behind them.

Participation in active learning activities during lectures is expected and counts as part of your grade.