Good Faith Attempt Deadlines

You must satisfy a minimum set of requirements for each project (Good Faith Attempt) otherwise you will not pass the course (automatic grade of F). Each project defines its own good faith attempt criteria. Notice that you will not receive extra points for completing the good faith attempt. The grade you obtain in the project will be based on your ontime/late submission.

        Project / ExerciseGood Faith Attempt   Deadline   
Project #3 (Flags of the World)Public TestsTue, Oct 31, 11:59 pm
Project #4 (Name Class)Public TestsTue, Oct 31, 11:59 pm
Project #5 (PhotoProcessing)Public TestsTue, Nov 28, 11:59 pm
Project #6 (Poker)Any Four Release TestsTue, Dec 5, 11:59 pm
Project #7 (Marquee)One Public TestFri, Dec 8, 11:59 pm
Project #8 (Media Rental Manager)4 Public TestsWed, Dec 13, 11:59 pm