CMSC 414, Sections 0101 and 0301

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Dr. Michael Marsh
3441 A.V. Williams
mmarsh AT cs

Office Hours
Office Hours Location
Dr. Marsh Thursday 3-4 (or by appointment) AVW 3441
Graduate Student TAs
Soumya Indela Monday 12:30-1:30 AVW 4103
Akhil Koul Friday 10-11 AVW 4103
Undergraduate TAs
Rachel Baylor Tuesday 12:30-1:30 AVW 4103
Kevin Jordan Friday 12-1 AVW 4103
Vinay Viswanadha Wednesday 11-12 AVW 4103

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Section Lecture Time Room
0101 MW 3:30-4:45 ESJ 0215
0301 MW 2:00-3:15 ESJ 2212

See ELMS for assignments. Readings will be posted before the previous lecture, so you will always have links to the upcoming lecture's readings and the readings for the lecture after that. If you will not be able to attend lecture on a particular date, you must have an excused absence on record on ELMS or you will lose the in-class assignment points for the day. If the lecture time was an in-class exam, it is your responsibility to contact Dr. Marsh as soon as possible to schedule a make-up.

The schedule below is subject to change. SE2e refers to Ross Anderson's Security Engineering, Second Edition (see the sidebar for a link).

Day of Week Date Topic Required Reading
M 8/28 General Intro
W 8/30 Buffer Overflows
M 9/4 Labor Day
W 9/6 A Variety of Attacks
M 9/11 Malware 1
W 9/13 Malware 2
M 9/18 SQL Injection 1
W 9/20 SQL Injection 2 (Rosh Hashanah)
M 9/25 Web-based Attacks 1
W 9/27 Web-based Attacks 2
M 10/2 Introduction to Cryptography
W 10/4 Cryptographic Primitives 1
M 10/9 First Exam (not including cryptography)
W 10/11 Cryptographic Primitives 2
M 10/16 Using Cryptography
W 10/18 Digital Currency
M 10/23 Anonymous Communication 1
W 10/25 Anonymous Communication 2
M 10/30 Networking Background
W 11/1 Physical and Link Layer Attacks Optional:
M 11/6 Second Exam
W 11/8 Network Naming
M 11/13 IP and TCP Attacks
W 11/15 Inter-domain Routing
M 11/20 DoS and DDoS
W 11/22 Thanksgiving Holiday
M 11/27 Network Defense
W 11/29 Fault Tolerance
M 12/4 Economic Incentives and Underground Economies
W 12/6 Security and Human Behavior
M 12/11 Summary
F 12/15 Final exam, Section 0101, ESJ 0215
S 12/16 Final exam, Section 0301, ESJ 2212
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