CMSC 420, Section 0301 - Data Structures

Fall 2017


28 Aug 2017
Web page created.
1 Sept 2017
Assignment 1 has to be submitted in a hard copy
06 Sept 2017
Syllabus updated with updated TA information. Added office hours for new TA.
09 Sept 2017
Piazza has been setup. Please sign up for the class, and post your queries there.
All students who added this course recently, you are permitted to submit the first assignment on Tuesday.

Grading for Quadtree-project:

  • There are 80 points in total: 10 points for part-1, 10 points for part-2, 30 points for part-3, and 30 points for part-4. Grading on Part-3 and part-4 is based on the operations you implemented. There is a "x points" before each operation paragraph in quadcif.pdf. "x" is the points for this operation in final score. After test data, we will review your codes. If you just use brute-force algorithm and get the correct answer, you may get 30% points on this function.
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