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3.1 Final Exam

3 Schedule






Aug 27


Preface, Basics, and Induction


Logical Foundations

Sep 03


Lists and Poly


Logical Foundations

Sep 10


Tactics and Logic


Logical Foundations

Sep 17


IndProp and Maps


Logical Foundations

Sep 24


Imp and Auto


Logical Foundations

Oct 01


Preface, Equiv and Hoare1


Programming Language Foundations

Oct 08


Hoare2 and Smallstep


Programming Language Foundations

Oct 15


Programming Languages Overview

Oct 22


Types and STLC


Programming Language Foundations

Oct 29


Oct 31 – Proposal due (no class), STLCProp


Programming Language Foundations

Nov 05


Sub and ProofObjects


PLF and LF

Nov 12


Types, (Power of) Existential Types



Nov 19


Abstract Interpretation

Nov 26


Symbolic Execution, KLEE tutorial, and sym-while GitHub

Dec 03


Applications: Information Flow – Dynamically, and Termination Insensitivity

Dec 03 cont.


Type Qualifiers: Slides and Paper

Note: Thanksgiving Break is Nov. 22 - Nov. 26, so we will only be meeting on Nov. 21 during the week of Nov. 19.

3.1 Final Exam

There is no in-class exam, but rather it will be a take-home.

The idea is that anytime once final exam period starts you can download the exam, and you will have 48 hours to complete it. So the earliest you can get it is Dec. 13, and the last date would be Dec. 17.


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