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Final Projects

These are videos of the final projects for CMSC 425, Fall 2018. The ordering is random.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Bai - Tower to Heaven
by Zicong Bai

Tower in Heaven is a dungeon crawler type RPG. It follows a story of a young girl who woke up next to the entrance of an enormous tower, only to find out that she lost her memory. However, she did gain something. She gains the power of controlling light, making her able to use that power to create all sorts of objects, including weapons. The girl decides to climb the tower to see if she can gain her memories back. Follow her as she battles monsters, fight off bosses, and learn more about her power as she advances through the tower.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Du, Wang - Survivor
by Jinxia Du and Maoning Wang

After the apocalypse, you are left alone in an abandoned small town at the darkest time. By controlling the player with your keyboard and mouse, you navigate through the town and shoot the zombie horde who try to eat you alive. Your weapons include a pistol with infinite ammo but slow fire rate, a rifle with limited ammo but high power and grenades which can blow off a lot of enemies. There are three types of zombies: the blue zombie with a slow-moving rate and higher health, the firefighter zombie who will run to you and beat you with their bat, and finally the big zombie boss, if you don't run fast enough he will light you up with his flame!

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Guevara, Samal, Uchoa De Lima - The Fallen
by Brian Guevara, Siddhant Samal, and Rafael Uchoa De Lima

The Fallen is a zombie FPS where you take on the role Sgt. John Rain. After being separated from your unit during a freak meteor shower, you decide to go to the nearest city, Metropolis, in search of your unit. Your task is to find them and survive the chaos.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Wang - Emerge
by Yu Wang

This is a combat flight simulation game. In this game, you don't need to worry about gravity, which enables you fly in the extreme way you want. The game settings are highly self-customized, which encourages the player to come and finish part of this game. Switching between first person view and third person view, the player can acquire more information of the battlefield, and avoid the blind spot in each view. The random-generated blocks are able to block the missiles, but they are harmless to the aircrafts.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Turner - Race to Graduation
by Olivia Turner

Race to Graduation is a Temple Run-like game where the player controls a character in order to collect rewards and avoid obstacles. In this case, the rewards are A's and the obstacles are F's, Netflix, and procrastination. The character is continuously running, but the player can move him side-to-side or make 90 degree turns to remain on the path. Both the path route and the obstacles are randomly generated, so the game is different each time it's played. Collecting 10 A's symbolizes one school year, and as the player moves up in grade level from freshman to senior, the character runs faster. If the player collects 3 F's then they fail out of school and lose the game. Similarly, they lose the game if they hit the Netflix or procrastination obstacles, or if they fall off the path.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Springer - Ultimate Springer Cart
by Cameron Springer

Ultimate Springer Cart is a fun to play arcade style racing game. This game allows the player race through a rustic figure eight track in the back mountains of West Virginia. The player will compete against another AI racer to see who can finish first. The player is able to pick up neat power ups along the way to help get the edge on the race. The game comes with a full menu system and sound effects that helps the player become immersed in their driving experience. Once the player has mastered the skill against the AI, the player can continue to race for the best lap time possible.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Schumacher - Outside of the Box
by Michael Schumacher

Play as a box that has lost its way after it falls off the back of a transport truck. In a race against time you need to make your way back to the box so you can continue to your destination! Roll, jump, and slide toward you goal before the timer runs out to fulfill your destiny. After you've reached your goal explore the randomly generated and endless landscape in fly mode, in which the box can zip around the map. Change the options of the map generation to make each play-through unique.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Rosen, Rosen - Shrek Bash
by Jeffrey Rosen and Michael Rosen

Shrek Bash is a third-person battle to the death. It is heavily inspired by the Crate Crush minigame in the popular 2000 multiplayer party game Crash Bash. Players throw/kick crates, TNTs, and nitros at each other whilst picking up powerups and health potions. Players can also engage in close quarters beat 'em up style melee combat. Battles take place between Shrek, Captain Quark, the infamous Chuck, and Lord Farquaad's loyal castle guard in three meticulously crafted maps.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Quach, Sombat - TaroTaro
by Brian Quach and Steven Sombat

TaroTaro is a 2D platformer where you play as a purple astronaut named TaroTaro. The player has a variety of mobility tactics, such as a dash, grappling hook and downwards slam. There are 2 game modes that a player can choose from. In the first mode, the player's goal is to navigate across an industrial park and swing through a cityscape to reach and fight the evil wizard, with the choice to fight enemies along the way. The second gamemode is an infinite wave-based survival instance, where the player can see how long they can survive as enemy waves procedurally grow larger as they progress.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Li - Effect and Cause
by Nathan Li

Effect and Cause is a fast paced 2D puzzle platformer that gives you control over time itself! After breaking into a secret science facility, you come across a mysterious device that allows you to instantly jump between the present and the far future. Use your newfound ability to navigate the facility while avoiding hazards in both timelines. If you can dodge enough rockets, saws, flamethrowers, and giant spiders, you may just get out of here alive!

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Kothari, Shah - Tanks
by Ravi Kothari and Vineet Shah

Tanks is a one-player game modeled after the Wii version of Tanks!. The objective of this game is to move around the map and shoot enemy tanks with bullets and missiles. The arrow keys will move the player, spacebar to shoot and 'C' to fire missiles. Once you destroy all enemy tanks in the level, the next level is loaded. Once you complete 5 levels, you win the game! However, if you lose 3 lives before you complete all 5 levels, you will lose the game. Each level offers a new map layout, and a small map is displayed to help the player. Good luck, and blow them away!

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Kendig - Cookie Hunter
by Ryan Kendig

Cookie Hunter is a 3D platformer inspired by Conan O'Brien's wish for a simple game involving a simple button to eat cookies (As seen on his Clueless Gamer short). I took this inspiration and ran with it. The player is dropped into a forest with one objective, collect and eat as many delicious cookies as possible before time runs out. It is important to eat as many as possible, because when the sun goes down, the cookies that the player did not eat come to life and haunts them. The player must survive the night so that they can continue to munch on delicious cookies in the morning. Every cookie eaten adds to the player's score, so they should eat as many as they can!

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Ibrahim, Yeager - Lt. Portobello
by Diarre Ibrahim and William Yeager

Lt. Portobello is a 3D platformer where you explore worlds looking for hidden collectibles as you make your way to the end goal. Unlike most platformers you cannot jump, so the key mechanic is exploration. Be sure to rotate the camera to view the levels from all angles in order to find secrets! Finally, Lt. Portobello allows the player to create their own simple levels.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Hung - Safari Snap
by Nicholas Hung

This game is a photography-adventure game in which the player, which happens to be a ball with a camera, is tasked to photograph animals in the wild. The player needs to take 5 pictures and then the pictures will be evaluated, with points being awarded based on various parameters of each picture such as orientation of the photographed subject, placement of the subject, and what it was doing when photographed.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Dicola - Focus
by Kevin Dicola

This project serves as a tech demo to showcase procedural dungeon generation based off of Core gameplay revolves around traversing a dungeon, fighting skeletons, and collection chests. A demo scene is shown to showcase what the final product should look like. A lot of consideration went into the sound effects and music, the music being composed by hand.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Chen, Miller - VolleyBox
by Kevin Chen and Johann Miller

Volleybox is a 3D volleyball game with a twist: while the ball is in the air, you can cross under the net and knock your opponent away from the ball. Using a mix of well-placed shots and offside interference, outplay the AI to win. Be careful though: crossing the net means you won't be in place to return the ball if the AI manages to return it. Worse, you could take too much damage from the fight and lose the entire match.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Chao, Spiegel, Yuen - Time Killers
by Justin Chao, William Spiegel, and Andrew Yuen

Inspired by hit games such as The Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne, Enter the Gungeon, and Hotline Miami, Time Killers is an incredibly difficult 2D rogue-lite shooter where you and a robot kill time by destroying various enemies in an infinitely (and also limited) levelled, randomly generated and randomly colored dungeon. Players must kill every enemy in the room that they are in, so that they can progress through their current dungeon level. Players get to choose between damage, attack speed, more ammo max, or more health max and healing when they complete every level, while all enemies get more health and damage every two levels. Healing is restricted to the health max powerup, so the player gets punished for not being able to dodge bullets or melee attacks.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Beck - Escape the Simulation
by Michael Beck

Escape the Simulation is a third person strategy game inspired by the Portal series. The main objective is to escape the current simulation, but the path to doing so is up to the player to figure out. Obstacles appear along the way which must be avoided, as well as puzzles which must be solved. A portal gun is at the player's disposal that shoots two connected portals which act as gates. It is up to the player to strategically interact with the map to successfully escape the simulation. Only a very specific set of actions will allow the player to be successful. Only the smart will survive.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Ayres, Do, Mograbi - RotoWorld
by Justin Ayres, Vivian Do, and Tamer Mograbi

RotoWorld is a third-person, 3D puzzle game in which the main feature is changing gravity to solve various levels. The goal is to correctly guess the name of the NPC by obtaining a letter cube in each level. Once the player reaches the letter cube, the cube and character will appear back in the main stage and the player can choose another level to solve. The first level introduces the player to the changing gravity mechanics, switches that trigger specific platforms, and rock throwing ability. The next level introduces spikes that will throw the character in the air. And the last level tests the player's ability by taking place in a dark room with only a headlamp to light the way.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Yaculak - Super Kart Go!
by Nicholas Yaculak

Two mortal-enemy race cars are trapped in a fortress in the middle of the desert. On the count of three, the cars take off, teleporting through portals, picking up weapons, and battling until there is only one car left standing. Control a suspension hover car and fire various weapons at your friends. Use standard WASD controls to drive around and interact with the 3-dimensional environment. Take in the sights of the procedurally-generated terrain and plant life. Teleport through jump portals and test the limits of your vehicle's suspension system. Drift donuts to your heart's content. Save the day from the tyranny of the red or blue enemy.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Tunell - Lithium
by Gregory Tunell

Shrink down to the size of an atom so you can collect as much Lithium as you can. You have the choice of what atom you want to play with unique environment and abilities based on real chemical properties. Careful though the molecular level is a dangerous place full of fireballs, helicopters and killer robots! Collect a few or collect a lot but buckle up because you only lose when you stop moving.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Scrafford - Astrum
by Christopher Scrafford

This is a game based off of Dungeons and Dragons, a 3d grid, turn based RPG. The goal is to defeat the Chief Orc, and you lose if any of your party members die. The threat system means that enemies will target the closest player, but will gravitate towards those who attack more often. Can you survive the orc raid? Use the arrow keys to move, WASD to attack in that direction, and E to end your turn.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Peng - Zombie Slayer
by Huayang Peng

Welcome, new zombie hunter! You've just accepted a contract to clear a newly discovered dungeon of zombies. Choose a difficulty; it will decide the density of enemies you face, the complexity of the dungeon you must explore, and the time it will take you to clear the maze...if you are able to. Use WASD or the arrow keys to move around within the map, and left click to swing your sword in the direction your character is facing. Zombies will attack you, but you can cancel their attack animations if you are fast enough. Beware not to cancel your own attack animation too early!

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Lin - TAC.L.LAB
by Brian Lin

Follow the tragic story of a cat named Ball Cat, who was abandoned at a young age by lab scientists as a small kitty. His sorrow calls for action, and you the player, will help Ball Cat enact his revenge. Traverse through levels full of treacherous terrain and difficult obstacles to reach the lab. You will roll around in a ball and interact with many different objects to achieve this goal. There are explosive barrels, flamethrowers, and endless falls to death, so be careful and keep rolling!

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Langlois - Down the Rabbit Hole
by Elizabeth Langlois

Down the Rabbit Hole is a short, 3rd person shooter. The player is a rabbit whose carrots have all been stolen by living mushrooms that inhabit the forest. With every play-through, your goal is to explore a newly generated forest, shoot down the thieving mushrooms, and reclaim your carrots. The player should avoid falling into the rushing waters surrounding the forest or touching the poisonous mushrooms. After the mushrooms have been defeated and carrots found, the player should find the rabbit hole to return home and end the game.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Jirdeh, Zou - Prehistoric Tower Defense
by Ibrahim Jirdeh and Jason Zou

A dinosaur-themed tower defense game that includes a variety of towers and emphasizes planning ahead in order to defeat hordes of prehistoric creatures. Put your strategy skills to the test in deciding when to buy cheap turrets and when to save up for the more powerful towers.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Hughey - Portals and Pirates
by George Hughey

Portals and Pirates is an action-packed 2D platform game. Avoid randomly-spawning pirates at all costs while collecting chests and destroying pirates. Be careful - pirates may jump through portals and show up in places you weren't expecting, and don't let the pirates leave the map with a chest, as you'll lose a chest. To succeed, you'll need to use these portals to your advantage and be skilled with each weapon in the game, as your weapon will change with every chest you find. Use the natural-feeling controls to move around the map, destroy pirates with four separate weapons, and collect as many chests as you can over three different difficulties.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Hoffman - Elgasarch's Labyrinth
by Owen Hoffman

You play as a knight who navigates through a randomly generated maze and fights small enemies. Use WASD to move, Space to swing your sword, and R to roll. Reach the end of the maze to fight the secret boss Elgasarch!

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Grutman - Fly Swatter
by Steven Grutman

Ever been outside on a hot day, and you are surrounded by flies? Using Augmented Reality, I have created a game where the sole objective is to swat as many flies as you can in under 60 seconds! As said, the game is in Augmented Reality on your phone, so it appears as if you are standing inside a virtual swarm of flies with nothing but a fly swatter. Swat away!

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Frederick, Qiu - Power Party
by Charles Frederick and Arden Qiu

Welcome to Power Party! A game inspired by Nintendo's Mario Party series, specifically the map "Goomba's Booty Boardwalk" from Mario Party 8. Travel along the path to reach the end where the Star Space waits! Score victories in our two Minigames to nab Coins so you can buy items and Stars! Whoever has the most Stars and Coins at the end of the game wins! You need four players to play this game. This game features original music composed by Charles Frederick. We hope you enjoy our 4-player competitive game!

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Cheng, Kondapaka - Flame and Fortune
by Vincent Cheng and Surabi Kondapaka

Flame and Fortune is a top-down 2D game in which you are a small fireball trying to collect a fortune while defending yourself against enemies in the snow. Navigate around the map and collect all the coins to pass a level. Kill the bad guys for bonus points and make sure not to let the Boss rain on your parade!

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Brown, Woods - Trump Run
by William Brown and Patrick Woods

Are you tired of ol' Donnie Trump not caring about climate change!? Well now's your time to act! Hop into Trump Run and help Donnie collect enough coins to "waste money" on climate change. Dodge obstacles, jump for mad air, and watch your score climb as you see how many coins you can collect in this mediocrely polished endless runner. Be careful, because if you hit any of the obstacles, you lose! If you are able to beat the game, write in to the devs and they'll be sure to send you a prize.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Babb, Davis, Malik - Death Valley
by Andrew Babb, Ronald Davis, and Saqib Malik

Death Valley is a first person shooter survival game that takes first person mechanics back to its roots. First person shooter games now a days are very complex and have a bunch of flying, jetpacks, weird weapons, and other crazy mechanics that the base of the game is lost. This game intends to bring first person shooter games back to its roots where it is just basic running, jumping, and shooting. You are in the forest with nothing but a safe house, trees and a bunch of zombies and your goal is to stay alive as long as possible.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Whitford Jones - Worm Hunting
by Declan Whitford Jones

This is a simple game in which you, a tiny little robot, attempt to run away from a giant worm while laying mines to kill it. The worm knows these tunnels like the back of it's hand, if worms had hands that is, and it will hunt you. It's not very smart though, so bait it into following you through a minefield.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Tribbey - Melty Fighter
by Seth Tribbey

This is a basic 2D fighting game with charming sound and sprite animations. Beat up your friends with a series of standing, crouching, and jumping attacks. The first person to land three hits is the winner, so holding backwards to block is crucial.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Qin - Big Head
by Yuchao Qin

Big Head is a first person zombie shooter. You are spawned into a room where zombies start appearing. The goal is to kill 10 zombies without getting caught or falling through the floor. Each zombie is composed of a head, spine, body, two legs and two arms. You must shoot each body part (not including the arms) twice at which point the arms will fall to the ground. On the first shot the body part that was hit will turn red and on the second shot it will disappear. Periodically through the game a random tile on the floor will disappear so be sure to jump over those holes. If you take too long, the entire floor will go away!

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Pi - Ice Cream Runner
by Renjie Pi

You are an ice cream cone from the food planet. The story begins with the invasion of a species called "humans". They came to your planet and ruthlessly took away many of your family and friends. These cannibals even said they were delicious! Now, they have their eyes on you, and you have to keep running forever to stay alive! There are friends on the way to help you as well as enemies truing to kill you. Live or die, your choice!

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Patel - Match
by Meekit Patel

This is a multiplayer FPS, with one map and one game mode. Welcome to the rust yard, here you the user is pitted in a match against each other, you and one other person. With only a pistol, you must beat the player you're against until the other player gives up. The game allows for slick movement and two player local multiplayer fun. The pistol is a powerful weapon and the controllers are that of any other FPS. Once you conceded the game is over. This is MATCH a game where you fight until someone gives.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Murray - Space Frenzy
by Brian Murray

Trapped on a space station full of spiders, your only way out is to navigate the maze-like station and find keys to open the doors that will take you to new areas. But be careful, go in the wrong door and you'll be taken to an area that you've already completed!

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Ma, Sun - Dungeon Battle
by Dawei Ma and Qihua Sun

This is a game that players are jumping on the trampolines and try to survive as long as they can before pushing off by other objects. For single player, one has to survive from balls that randomly threw in. For multiplayer, two people battle with each other and try to push the other off the trampoline. The idea comes from the minigame Pogo Battle on Wii Party U, but we are adding some power-ups and special rules (for both single and multiplayer) to make the game more fun.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Lee - Murder at the Landscape
by Chan-Seok Lee

This game is a Murder Mystery Platformer where the suspects each have a unique power like Dashing and Climbing Walls. You are the main character where you have access to all the powers that the suspects do. With this, you must investigate the crime scene and gather clues so you can solve the mystery of whodunnit! In this short mystery, we have three suspects and three powers, Dash, Climb, and Run. We must talk to the suspects and gather available clues to see who is the murderer. This game is a mix of thinking of what clues lead to what conclusion along with some potentially challenging platforming segments.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Honer - Procedural Generation Pack
by Alexander Honer

Rather than making a game, I decided to make a pack that would allow unity users to easily create procedurally generated levels. This would allow unity users to rapidly prototype games with the ability to focus more on gameplay features and let generation of interesting terrain be done automatically. I believe this is valuable as many of the games demoed in class had relatively simplistic terrain as the focus was getting the concepts of the game created. My project is divided into two separate utilities. The first being a procedural cliff generation script, the second being a larger landmass generator.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Holman, Lum - FPS Aim Trainer
by Calvin Holman and Conor Lum

The FPS Aim Trainer allows you to hone your first-person shooter skills with three unique levels! First, visit the shooting range to practice tracking enemies as they spawn. Second, enjoy the flick trainer that teaches you to quickly snap between two targets. Finally, have fun with our infinite maze! Enemies will spawn in each room for you to kill and it goes on forever. Try to get your score up on the leader board, practice your skills, or just play for fun!

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Davidi - Dungeon Delvers 2D
by Tal Davidi

Dungeon Delvers 2D is a rogue-like dungeon crawler where the objective is to get to the end of the level. Levels are procedurally generated using a room based approach where each room has a different size.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Crenshaw - The Hunter and the Hunted
by Megane Crenshaw

The Hunter and the Hunted is a 2D dungeon crawler with a twist; instead of a boss room, there is a boss floor where the boss actively hunts you down. Explore the floor, picking up items for the fight and fight his minions. Win by killing the boss.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Cheng, Gu, Wang - Let's Go On a Journey
by Benny Cheng, William Gu, and Anthony Wang

"Let's Go On a Journey" is a rogue-like turn-based RPG with an emphasis on player decisions. The goal of the game is to defeat enemies and gain levels on your way to the castle. Enemies and rest stops are randomly assigned to points on the map and you decide which path you want to go on. The combat is based around an energy system. You start with a maximum of 3 energy and you regain 1 at the beginning of each turn. You also start off with 4 abilities in your pool and each turn, 3 are randomly chosen as abilities you can use for that turn. You spend energy to use abilities, each with different effects and costs. Enemies also have an energy system so you can decide your move based on how much energy you have and how much the enemy has. Learn how enemies act and make the right choices to defeat them!

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Azucena - Fight in Flight
by Leoedward Azucena

Are you looking for a chill game that is family friendly and very cute? Fight in Flight is the game for you. Fight in Flight is an endless runner game but unlike other endless runner games, Fight in Flight lets you create the obstacles that will either hinder you from winning or be the final keys to success. Fight in Flight lets you control three different characters with three different goals, so choose the one that you feel fits you the most.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Chen, Huang - Angry Apple
by Ran Chen and Yufan Huang

Ever want to shoot bird with an apple? Well here is your chance! Angry apple is a projectile motion based 2D shooting game. It design to test your prediction skill where we don't tell you how far the apple will go. You have to play it and get a feel for it. There is also physics in the collision where if there is not enough force, then you won't break anything. The brick wall is also a obstacle for you to deal with. It will constantly break down to half size. If you break you might just have created a safe barrier for the bird. Angry Apple lets you prediction and strategize the gameplay. Try it out!

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Brady - Eidolon Runners
by Joshua Brady

Eidolon Runners is a 2-player game in which each player controls a space ship. Every action draws from a pool of energy, so it requires managing between offense and defense. There are three types of weapons and each one has a different way of being blocking.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Evans - Nutz
by Thomas Evans

Have you ever wanted to blow up your friend in a tank? Well this isn't the answer for you, but it is the beginnings of one. This is a two player shooter bullet hell (sorta). Dodge the bullets shot at you and hit the other tank with yours.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Ho - QB-Quiz Bomb
by Travis Ho

First person, educational game. Get quizzed on various topics, such as 'parts of the brain' or 'U.S. presidents.' Enter a forest where you hunt down dancing Elvis's. When the Elvis's get too close to you, they perform their dance and drain your life! Then, hunt them down using your special power&emdash;you can summon missiles at your current location. To arm the missile, you must answer the question correctly, but if you get it wrong, it makes the Elvis's stronger!

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Kraft - Museum Mayhem
by Anna Kraft

Welcome to the museum! We hope you will enjoy and take your time looking around our exhibits. Oh wait…you only have thirty seconds? Better be quick then! Try to get the most fulfilling museum experience possible by taking pictures, viewing art, and reading those informational plaque things that everyone likes to ignore. But try to keep it original, because looking at the same thing over and over again isn't very fun. When time's up, re-enter the museum to try for a better experience!

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - McGillicuddy, Taylor - Mountain Defense
by Andrew McGillicuddy and Paul Taylor

This is a tower-defense game where a player protects their base on the top of a mountain. Using their mouse players spend gold to purchase different towers. Towers work together to slow or destroy enemies for gold.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Nguyen - You Are What You Eat
by Tue Nguyen

A small puzzle/platformer game. Basically exactly what the title says. The player's job is to find food in the level, eat them, and attain whatever physical qualities is needed to progress. Your goal is to fool the enemies into thinking you are one of them by acquiring the body parts needed.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Sakol, Williams - Sunnyvale
by Steven Sakol and John Williams

Sunnyvale is a third-person shooter-type game where you play as Jim Lahey, the Sunnyvale Trailer Park Supervisor, who has beef with the enemy, Ricky. Your job as Trailer Park Supervisor is to run through the park and throw apples at Ricky to get him to stop causing mayhem in the park. As time goes on, Ricky gets stronger and can spawn faster throughout the park. When there are 50 Rickys in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park, you lose the game. You need to eliminate as many Rickys as you can and ruin his fun.

CMSC 425 - Fall 2018 - Zhan - Tank Rumpus
by Tim Zhan

Inspired by the classic browser shoot 'em up Heli Attack 3, Tank Rumpus is a 2D side-scrolling game where you control a tank facing hordes of hostile drones, turrets, and helicopters. Destroying enemies gives you points, which can be spent to purchase better ammunition for your tank. Before each level, set a goal for the amount of points you aim to get. If you are destroyed before your goal, you are penalized for half the points you received in that level. If you meet/exceed your point goal, you win and get some bonus points as well. Overall, the game seeks to provide a fast-paced arcade experience, dodging bullets and blowing up enemies. Happy hunting!

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