CMSC 434            Homework #3            Fall 2018

Heuristic Evaluation

Due on ELMS as a PDF by class time on Monday, November 5th.

Homework 3 will be an individual effort. You are not allowed to discuss any aspects of this homework with others.

The first, and most important part, of this homework assignment is to perform an individual heurstic evaluation using the categories and procedures discussed in class and in the posted notes. You will present your findings in a report printed to PDF.

As a second element, you will present a proof-of-concept partial redesign prototype (made using an image editing program to alter screencaps of the existing version, or if you find it easier to do in HTML then screen-cap that) showing some examples of how one or two high-impact changes your report recommends could appear.

The following are the two available options:
  • Option 1: Heurstic evaluation of and redesign prototype.
  • Option 2: Heurstic evaluation of the privacy settings at Facebook and redesign prototype.

    There is a "short" (about 6 minutes) voice over slides video for the homework, as well as this web page, and the ones linked to above for each option. You also have the two course slides sets on the topic and the snow day video.

    As shown in the examples in slide set 10a, individual entries are to have:
  • a brief description of the usability problem
  • the primary heuristic violated
  • a severity level for the problem
  • a suggestion of an approach to fix it

  • Your PDF report should begin with a one-paragraph introduction to what you are presenting, followed by the entries for the problems that you have identified (perhaps the 5-7 "strongest" things you spotted for the purposes of this assignment), grouped based on the heuristic categories we discussed, followed by an explanation of your severity ratings in a clear and concise way.

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