This is the class web page for the fall 2018 version of the University of Maryland-College Park course, CMSC 828P: Algorithms and Machine Learning for Analyzing Mutations in Cancer. Please see the (tenative) course syllabus below for a description of the course, topics, logistics, and policies. The schedule of the course is also listed below. The course materials will be organized and shared through Google Drive, and resources for class projects will be shared through GitHub. Class communications will be on Slack.

Students will also submit their assignments by uploading their work to a Google Drive folder shared with the instructor, or posting their code to the class GitHub. You will receive instructions on how to set this folder up the first week of class. Students' grades will be posted via the UMD CS grades interface.

All dates (including assignment due dates) are subject to change. Here is a list of papers we will be reading during the class, and which will be updated throughout the semester.