CMSC 848B - Computational Imaging

Section 0101:

By combining optics and algorithms, computational imaging systems can perform high-dynamic-range and super-resolution imaging, reconstruct 3D structure and depth information, construct holograms, image through fog and tissue, and even see around corners. Today, computational imaging sits at the heart of most medical and scientific imaging systems and it is becoming an increasingly important component of various consumer imaging systems as well.

This mixed lecture/seminar course will introduce both the optical systems and the algorithms behind computational imaging. Monday lectures will introduce the various computational imaging systems (and the physics behind them). Wednesday seminars and assigned readings will provide a deep dive into the algorithms that underlie these systems' operation.

Students will be responsible for weekly readings and will take turns presenting papers as if they were their own. Additionally, students will complete a semester-long group project on a computational imaging topic of their choice.

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Office: Iribe 4236
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