CMSC756/ENEE769M: Robotics



Section: [0101]
Time: [TuTh 2:00pm - 3:15pm]
Location: [CSI 2117]

About the Course

Robotics is the study of robot design, programming, and control. Typically a robot is referred to as an agent that can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks -- both with and without human intervention. A robot is often manifested and realized by mechanical and electrical components to carry out its actions in the physical world. Robots frequently receive input from noisy sensors, consider geometric and mechanical constraints, and operate in the physical world through imprecise actuators. The design and analysis of robot algorithms and computational elements, therefore, raises a unique combination of questions in computational and differential geometry, algorithm design, control theory, mechanics, computer science, and system engineering.
In this course, we will give an overview on fundamental components of robotic systems, including the sensing and actuation, control and modeling of motion and perception, dynamics and kinematics, motion planning and manipulation of robots. Students will learn about implementation of basic simulation programs that produce interesting results and verify its correctness. The goal of this class is to get students an appreciation of computational methods and engineering issues for modeling robots. We will discuss various considerations and tradeoffs used in designing various methodologies (e.g. time, space, robustness, and generality). This will include data structures, algorithms, computational methods, simulation techniques, runtime complexity, system implementation and integration, in the context of multi-disciplinary design.


Tentative Syllabus is attached here.
Topics will include kinematics (forward and inverse), dynamics, actuation, perception, control, planning, multi-agent navigation and all related applications.

Expected workload for the course

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