CMSC 433 Programming Language Technologies and Paradigms - Spring 2001


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Tentative project list



Feb 1Core C++, Chapters 1-3
Feb 6Core C++, Chapters 4-7
Feb 8Core C++, Chapters 8-9
Feb 13Core C++, Chapters 10, 12-14
Feb 13Core C++, Chapters 10, 12-14
Feb 22Thinking in Java, Chapter 1 and 11 (pages 573-606)
Feb 27Thinking in Java, Chapter 12 and 15 (pages 903-923)
Mar 6Thinking in Java, Chapters 8 and 9
Mar 16RMI - Thinking in Java, pages 973 - 979
Mar 27More RMI
  • RMI Tutorial
  • RMI-Chat Program
  • March 29A Note on Distributed Computing
    April 5thComparison of DCOM, CORBA and RMI.
    April 5th Growing a Language
    April 5th
    April 19 Software components
  • Component-Oriented Programming
  • The Significance of Components
  • Bertrand Meyer, On to Components, Computer, January 1999
  • April 24th The Component Object Model: A Technical Overview
    May 3rdSun's JavaBeans tutorial
    May 10th Design patterns FAQ
    Welcome to the wonderful world of design patterns
    Design Patterns web page -- for reference purposes
    May 15th The State Design Pattern: 1, 2, Google lookup
    The Visitor Design Pattern: 1, 2, Google lookup

    Tentative schedule of topics

    Tentative grading plan

    8%Projects (each)
    2%Opening day quiz
    15%Midterm (each)



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