CMSC 434: Human Factors in Computer and Information Systems

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Bongshin's office hours will no longer be held.

We are currently working on the project 3 grading, but it will take a while. You should expect grades to be posted on Wednesday May 23rd.

New: I have just posted an updated Grades list. This list includes the class participation grade (out of 10). This grade is made up of your Hall of Fame/Shame presentation, participation in the graphical design class sessions and strong participation in class discussions.
Here are some links that I said I'd post:

  • Ask Tog
  • Jakob Nielsen
  • Don Norman (author of The Design of Everyday Things)

    The following are links to selected students' HW5 web pages if you are interested in seeing some of the variety of solution:
  • Amin
  • Brian
  • Harshit

    This is a link to the projects page of one of the other sections of CMSC 434 this term where they have been doing quantitative experiments:
  • SHORE 2001

    If there are any other links I said that I would post but haven't, please let me know.

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