CMSC 838b: Information Visualization
Project Reports

(allow 1/5 of time for questions)
Dynamic Aggregation Lida Tang (20min) Starts at 2:00pm
Email Data Visualization Yoo Ah Kim, Min-ho Shin (30min) 
Dynamic Visualization of Categorical Data Erica Kolatch, Beth Weinstein (30min)
BREAK 15 min
Dynamic Visualization of Gene Expression Profile Bongshin Lee, Jinwook Seo (30min)
PCA Based Visualization and Melanoma Classification  Zhijian Pan (20 min)
Tunable Viewtips: User Controlled Specification of Interesting Data Patterns Kartik Parija and Jaime Spacco (35 min)
  end at 5:00pm


Each project group will have a directory in which to put their project report. Your directory is accessible from the CS machines with the path /fs/www/class/spring2001/cmsc838s/Project/groupname, the groupnames will be chosen in class.

You may structure your report as you desire within your directory. The only requirement is that you create an 'index.html' file as the home page for your presentation. Since this is a semi-public location, keep a backup copy of your report somewhere else.

If you have any problems uploading your reports, please send e-mail to Erica Kolatch at

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