CMSC 838b: Information Visualization
Class Schedule, Assignments, Exams

Last updated 2/23

Date Topic Paper Presenters
and demos
1/31 Week 1
 (The Eyes have it) : Ben S. Slides 

General intro with short demos of many things...
Dynamic queries, Spotfire, QP, Treemap, Jazz, Excentric labels, Gridl, GlassEye

2/7 week2
paper: Shneiderman B., Dynamic Queries... 
paper: Plaisant C., Lifelines
also recommended: Book general introduction

Erica Kolatch
Kartik Parija

we also looked at:
LifeLines demos
   (+ CHI94 video & experiment)
Query Preview 
   (older, GCMD, and new work )
Harry's temporal query tool

2/14 week 3
paper: Johnson, B., Treemaps
paper: Baker, M., Space-filing Visualization
Proposal for Application due today

Jaime Spacco
Steve Betten

demo Treemap 2000
video of AHP treemap 
   (Asahi CHI95 video)
"squarification" algorithms
Video of WebTOC
Video of Pad++/padprint (to attract you to JAZZ for projects)

2/21 week 4
paper: Lamping, J., Hyperbolic Browser
paper: Rao, R., Table Lens

Lida Tang
Matthias Mayer

Demo of TableLens/Eureka
Demo of Infozoom
Demo of the Fisheye monitor
Video of Cheops
    (from Ben S. 's DTUI 97)
Evaluation Issues (class slide)

2/28 week 5 
Application presentations 
(plan for a 10 minute max presentation + 2-3 minutes questions)
3/7 week 6
paper: Leung, A review of distortion techniques
paper: Bederson, B. B., Hollan, J. D., Perlin, K., Meyer, J., Bacon, D., & Furnas, G. W. (1996). Pad++: A Zoomable Graphical Sketchpad for Exploring Alternate Interface Physics. Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, 7, 3-31. [NOT IN THE BOOK!] go to to find it online. 

Proposal for Final Project due tuesday 3/6 by email to

(group discussion)
Jinwook Seo
3/14 week 7 
paper: Bertin, J., Graphics and graphic information
paper: Mackinlay, J., Automating the design...
Also you SHOULD have read by now:  Book general introduction

Guest speaker Antony Viaud from Ilog (

(group discussion)
Beth Weinstein
3/21 ++ Spring Break ++  
3/28 week 8
paper: Chuah, S.,  SDM: selective dynamic manipulation
paper: Tweedie, L., Externalizing Abstract Mathematical Models

Hua Guo
(group discussion)
Video Attribute Explorer (CHI96)
Video SDM (Bens' DUI on info viz)
4/4 week 9 
Guest lecture: Prof. Doug Oard  (
           Visualization in Information Retrieval Interfaces
paper: Salton, G., Automatic analysis
paper: Wise, J., Visualizing the non-visual


(group discussion)
Bongshin Lee

4/11 week 10 
paper: Becker, R., Visualizing network data
paper: Inselberg, A., Multidimensional detective

Network visualization
Project discussion

Email references for your project by Monday 16

Yoo Ah Kim
Zhijian Pan

Video of SemNet 
Video of fisheye network monitoring (CHI93 video)
CAIDA network vis. resources

4/18 week 11
paper: Robertson, G., The information visualizer
-- Exam --

3D workspaces
Coordinated visualizations
Project discussion

Makoto konishi

Video of Parc's Information Visualiser
Video of Task Gallery (CHI2000)
Video Snap together (CHI 2001)

and for fun we looked at: exhibits  (plumb design)

and we had no time to watch:
Video Webbook/forager (CHI 96)
Video Visage (CHI 96) -but not time...

4/25 week 12
Special presentation: Edward Pan (first 1/2h) 

paper: Andrews, K., Visualizing Cyberspace
paper: Risch, J., Starlight

Quest speaker (3-4pm.): Prof. Amitabh Varshney
Issues in 3D visualization algorithms


Min-Ho Shin
Narendar Shankar

5/2 week 13 
paper: Furnas, G., Effective view navigation
paper: Characterizing interative externalizations

Special guest: Matthias Mayer (1/2h): Web histories

Special Guest: Bruce Golden from the business school.

Trip to VHL cancelled.

Short group discussion of both papers

Project updates

5/9 week 14 - 
Term Project Drafts on the web for review by Ben S.
(Catherine will be away)
Ben S. will be in in office available to review each project.
Set appointments if possible.
5/16 week 15 - 
Term Projects Due 
(posted on the web by 10am + bring 2 printed copies to class) 
Term Project Presentations  
2:00-5:00 pm  (see detail schedule in project page)
Same place: in 2120