Spring 2000

University of Maryland
9:00 - 11:30 am Wed. Department of Computer Science
1112 AV Williams
Instructor: Dr. Scott Henninger
Office: 4115 AV Williams
E-mail: scotth@cs.umd.edu



Class Syllabus


Course Prerequisites

Course Overview

The course will introduce students to research issues in the emerging field of knowledge management for software development. In particular, an organizational learning approach will be studied that utilizes a defined software process to capture and apply project experiences to new software development efforts. The course will emphasize organizational and social aspects of the software development process, with an emphasis on creating innovative tools to support these issues. We will explore the tension between standard development processes and the need for tailoring and improvisation when developing innovative software systems. The following topics will be studied in the course:

The course will be oriented toward projects that investigate creating software tools supporting knowledge management. Background readings will be handed out during the semester and students will be expected to participate in class discussions on selected topics. Students will also lead a class discussion on a chosen topic area. Group projects will be assigned to investigate solutions to problems uncovered in the background readings and embody design principles discussed in class. The projects will investigate software development activities through case studies of software development organizations, development of prototype software tools, or empirical studies.

Grading Policy

Students will be graded on the items listed below:

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