Project Submission Requirements and Guidelines

We will be using electronic submission for this class. The command to submit your code will be
    ~vs42002/BIN/submit N <filename>

    1.     N is the assignment number. For part 1, N will be 1 for part 2 it will be 2 and so on.

    2.    As you can see , you can only submit one file. Hence, you will have to tar all the files you wish to submit and provide that           filename to the submit program. You must use a tar file even if you have just one file to submit.

    3.     Do not zip the tar file. What you submit should be in the .tar format. Use the tar command on the class cluster.

    4.    In case of multiple submissions, the latest one will overwrite what you had submitted before. So make sure that you really want to do this. It does not matter how you name your submission. The program will record the same name for all submissions by the same user for a particular assignment.

    5.    That fact that you were successful in submitting does not necessarily mean that your submisison was on time. The timestamp that the os puts on your submission is what will be looked at during grading.

    7.    Your code should be equipped with a makefile. Preferably, simply typing make should compile your code and generate the executable.

    6.     You need to submit a README with all parts of your project. This should contain your name, the list of files that should be obtained after untarring and instructions on how to compile you code, if it is anything other than a simple make.