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Outlook Express Tutorial

Welcome to the tutorial for Micro$oft newsreader / e-mail program Outlook Express. This procedure is very simular to Internet News (distrbuted with I.E. 3.01) and Outlook Express 5 (distributed with I.E. 5). In my honest opinion for e-mail Outlook Express is fantastic. I haven't come accross another program that does what OE does but without any hassel. However once you get to the point of using newsgroups OE is only good for online newsgroup reading which is great if you're in America (toll free calls) but not for us Brits. One thing it is good at is attachement decoding. In fact I would think that it is possibly the best for this. I haven't come across an attachment that this program hasn't been able to decode (and Free Agent often falls down on this). Below is a step by step method for configuring this program for newsgroup access using FreeUK as an example.


1. Configuring the server

Well for this step I will assume that you have been able to get into Outlook Express without any problems and that you have also done the basic setting up of it i.e. given an e-mail address etc. Your first step is to move to the accounts option shown below.

This should give the following option menu. At this point you should click on new account and then news shown below.

This will give the following wizard (please note that this is in Outlook Express 5. The process will be the same in all other versions of Outlook Express but with the slight chance of change). Then type in your exisitng Name AND e-mail address. If at all possible this should be the pop3 account address which has been entered in Outlook Express originally. If you are with one of the UK's new free ISPs you will have been given a pop3 mail address. You should have also been given information how to set this up otherwise look on your ISP's web site.

After entering the news server address and clicking next you should be greated with a congratulatory screen. Well done. You've just gone and configured up Outlook Express. Now all you need to do is to download the amount of available groups to you and to actually get your first messages.

2. Downloading the available groups list

The next step is downloading the newsgroup list. After finishing your configuration you should be presented with the following screen. Connect up to your ISP and click on Yes.

You should then see the following screen if everything has gove correctly and it should begin to download the groups available. Be warned though this can take at least 5 minutes if not longer (last time it took me nearly 15 minutes on a 28.8 modem).

What do you know. You've gone and done it again! Only one step away now from the world of usenet and newsgroups.

3. Selecting the newsgroup you want

This is a very important one. So what if all the other steps have been completed it won't do alot if you haven't subscribed to any groups :) So just type in the top requestor the name of the group you want to subscribe to and click on subscribe. Click on go to and it will take you back out of the screen and begin to download the headers and that's it!!!!

Note: This page is modified from Outlook Express Tutorial.