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Free Linux-Based Spreadsheets

By Christopher Browne

  • The Gnumeric spreadsheet

    Notable Gnumeric features include:

    • Ability to import and export Excel files

    • 95% of Excel functions

    • Import of CSV, WK1, xBase data formats

    • Scriptable using Perl and Guile

    • CORBA interface using ORBit

    • Printing via gnome-print, thus providing support for things like Type 1 anti-aliased fonts, which allows high quality display.

    • Ongoing efforts to make Gnumeric embeddable with GNOME applications using the Bonobo compound document system

    • Various analysis tools including statistical functions and a ``goal seek'' tool

  • Gnumeric at Helix Code

  • Table Editor And Planner, Or: Teapot!

    Portable to any reasonably Unix-like OS; written in C. Uses a somewhat functional model. It can read Lotus 123 WKS files.

  • SIAG Office

    An X-based spreadsheet written in C and Scheme.

    The package includes a word processing application called Pathetic Writer.

    The spreadsheet package is somewhat ``interface independent;'' it has both Xlib and Gtk versions; it is also reported to have an interface based on the CURSES library that can thus run on any sort of ``dumb terminal.''

    The various modules are gradually attaining increasing interoperability with such data formats as:

    • HTML

    • RTF (Rich Text Format)

    • WKS (Lotus 123's data format)

    As the packages are extendible using Scheme, there is almost nothing that they cannot, at least in concept, do.

    For those wishing to be on the bleeding edge, the latest and most unstable sources for Siag are now available through anonymous CVS. Set CVSROOT to , then execute: cvs login, and cvs checkout siag.

    Development has not been real active lately; it appears that some developers have migrated to working on Gnumeric.

  • A recent further development is a version called KSIAG which works with the KDE desktop environment.

    Recent claims to fame include:

    • Support of scripting languages: Guile,Tcl,and Python.

    • Multiple sheets

    • Improved Lotus 123 support

    • A number of GUI changes

  • Maxwell's Lemur

    Maxwell's Lemur was an attempt at a free (GPL) spreadsheet using Guile and the Gtk Toolkit. It borrows heavily from SIAG. (Scheme In A Grid)

    It uses a custom Gtk widget called an NGrid, written especially for this purpose.

    When the lemur gets smart enough, it may become part of the GNOME Project


    It appears that the efforts have since been folded into Gnumeric.

  • OLEO

  • OleoTk

    A port of GNU Oleo 1.6 has been "GUIed" using TCL/Tk.

  • Jeff Bailey is presently the ``official maintainer'' of Oleo; he has plans to update it, providing such things as:

    • A scripting language - Guile

    • Redo the GUI using Gtk

    • Integrate into the GNOME Project

    • Loading of additional file formats (XLS, WK*, CSV, ...)

  • spreadsheet sc4.1.txt

  • xspread

    A port of the ``classic'' Unix spreadsheet program SC to X. Sources in C are freely available.

  • macroCALC

    A Lotus 123 compatible character based spreadsheet. Once sold commercially, the binaries for Linux are freely redistributable.

  • Dismal - Spreadsheet for Emacs

    This is a character mode spreadsheet package written in Emacs LISP that runs inside the Emacs editor. See also the Dismal Web Page

  • Esheet - a spreadsheet module for Emacs

  • SES

    A spreadsheet that runs atop GNU Emacs.

  • Xxl

    Xxl is a free graphical spreadsheet developed at the University of Nice for Unix platforms. It is designed to be simple, easy to use and user friendly. Xxl is written in STk and is based on the tkTable widget.

  • ABS - a GPLed Unix/X11 Spreadsheet

    Abs is a free spreadsheet with a graphical user interface.

    Main functionality:

    • XY, Bar and Pie plot

    • Fig output (to TeX , printer, gif ...)

    • Compiled Visual Basic Scripting language

    • Multidocument management (cut and paste between sheets of different document)

    • Simple drawings

    • Excel import/export through Visual Basic macro files.

  • SS - SC derivative


    Moodss (Modular Object Oriented Dynamic SpreadSheet) is implemented in the Tcl language (requires at least versions 8.0 of Tcl and Tk).

    Moodss is a modular application. It displays data described and updated in an independent module loaded when the application is started. Data is originally displayed in a table. Graphical views (graph, bar or pie charts) can be created from any number of table cells through a simple drag'n'drop operation. The table rows can be sorted in increasing or decreasing order by selecting any column.

  • tk# - a spreadsheet with a difference

  • Abacus

    This is a spreadsheet implemented in C/C++, which is extendable using TCL.

  • slsc - Spreadsheet

  • Vote

    This is an ss derivative with rewritten menus and (incomplete) html on-line help added.

  • kspread - the fabled KDE spreadsheet

    Presently seems to be vaporware rather than anything real...

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