CMSC 434: Human Factors in Computer and Information Systems

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Hall of Fame / Hall of Shame

All students will be required to make a hall of fame / hall of shame presentation in the first few minutes of a class. These will be group presentations - typically four students to a group. These groups will be determined during the second week of class. I will make the first few presentations of this type at the beginning of some of the first classes. After that, a schedule will be posted and a different group will present in the first 5 to 10 minutes of class. You need to create a PowerPoint presentation for this. The presentation needs to show all parts of the UI that you will be discussing. You should also rehearse and time your presentation to make sure that it will be between 5 and 10 minutes. Also, be prepared for questions after your presentation. You need to e-mail me your PowerPoint presentation by 5pm the day before you are scheduled to present.

You will need to select the UI which you plan to discuss at least one week before you are scheduled to present. I will post these selections on this page as I get them. Once a UI has been selected by one group, it may not be done by another group. You also may not select a UI which I used in my example presentations.

Presentations scheduled:
  • The first few presentations will be done by the instructor....
  • 02/13 - Kousky, Velikovich, Hayden, Favale [Winamp]
  • 02/18 - Goldin, Dougherty(S), Bettis [PuTTY]
  • 02/20 - McDonald, Klein, Eyman, Koo [Britanica 2000]
  • 03/04 - Kesler, Beller, Lai, Hahn [WS FTP]
  • 03/06 - Moiduddin, White, Roussel, Dougherty(M) [IM]
  • 03/13 - Olivieri, Magnuson, Liang, Horst [AudioGalaxy]
  • 03/18 - Lo, Hadricky, Ridgeway, Faro [WinZip]
  • 03/20 - Gross, Mpuchane, Emminizer, Geoghegan [Windows Media Player]
  • 04/01 - Moore, Huneycutt, Bohan, Donaldson [GetRight]
  • 04/03 - Woods, Hashemi, Khusraven, Parsee [Nero Wizard]
  • 04/08 - Uppal, Rahman, Kim, Yiping [ICQ]
  • 04/10 - Kaylor, Buchanan, Kaskal [RioPort Audio Manager]
  • 04/15 - Agnew, Florkowski

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