CMSC 434: Human Factors in Computer and Information Systems

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- There will be five homework assignments during the term. All homeworks are individual assignments. You may not discuss them with other students or receive outside help from anyone other than the instructor or teaching assistant.

- There will be three projects during the term. Projects will be done in groups of 3 or 4 students. These teams will be determined during the second or third week of class.
- Project 1 and 3 will be related, but will be individual projects. Project 2 will have no relation to projects 1 and 3.

- There will be two exams during the term.
- The second exam might have some material that was covered earlier in the term. Details will be given in class.

- There will be various exercises done during class time. Participation in these exercises, along with contributions during class discussion will contribute to this portion of the grade.
- One part of this will be a Hall of Fame presentation in class.

- Required: Designing the User Interface: Strategies for Effective Human-Computer Interaction, 3rd Edition Shneiderman [Addison-Wesley], 1998.
- Recommended: See the reading list page.

All assignments are due at the beginning of the class on the day that they are due. If there is a paper part, it must be turned in at the beginning of class. If there is an electronic part, it must be submitted by class time. Late assignments must be handed in to me and will be strictly penalized as follows:
-20% if submitted up to 24 hours late
-50% if submitted up to 48 hours late
-100% if submitted more than 48 hours late

This section of CMSC 434 is not crosslisted as 838S. If you would like to take this course as 838S, you need to register for section 0101 with Ben Shneiderman.
Graduate students registered for this section of 434: The masters comprehensive will be a combination of both semester exams.

The three projects are groups assignments, and each member of the group is expected to accurately represent their contribution. Any attempts to circumvent deadlines or rules will be considered incidents of academic dishonesty. The homeworks are individual assignments, and students may not discuss them with anyone other than the instructor or the teaching assistant for this course. In cases where a homework involves interviewing potential users, details will be given in class as to how these users may be selected, and what can and can not be discussed with these users. Exams are individual works and a student may not look at another student's exam, or refer to any notes (unless exceptions are stated in advance), during the exam period. Any student violating any of these or general University academic honesty rules will be reported to judicial programs for a hearing and should expect to fail the course as a result.

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