CMSC 838f: Information Visualization

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Last updated 1/31/02


David Wang
Date Topic Paper Presenters
and demos
1/28 Week 1
(The Eyes have it): Ben S. Slides 

General intro with short demos of many things...
Dynamic queries, Spotfire, QP, Treemap, Jazz, Excentric labels, Gridl, GlassEye

2/4 week2
paper: Shneiderman B., Dynamic Queries...
paper: Plaisant C., Lifelines :
also recommended: Book general introduction

Cassie Thomas
Jennifer Golbeck
2/11 week 3
paper: Johnson, B., Treemaps
paper: Baker, M., Space-filing Visualization

Cyntrica Eaton
Brian Phillips
2/18 week 4
paper: Lamping, J., Hyperbolic Browser
paper: Rao, R., Table Lens
Proposal for Application due today

Christy Mylks
Demo of the Fisheye monitor
Video of Cheops

Demo of TableLens/Eureka
Demo of Infozoom
    (from Ben S. 's DTUI 97) Evaluation Issues (class slide)
David Wang
TableLens.ppt -->

2/25 week 5 
paper: Bederson, B. B., Hollan, J. D., Perlin, K., Meyer, J., Bacon, D., & Furnas, G. W. (1996). Pad++: A Zoomable Graphical Sketchpad for Exploring Alternate Interface Physics. Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, 7, 3-31. [NOT IN THE BOOK!] go to to find it online. 

Projects Proposals and discussion
Ben Shneiderman and Catherine Plaisant

Evren Sirin or Pad++.ppt
3/7 week 6
Application presentations 
(plan for a 10 minute max presentation + 2-3 minutes questions)

Proposal for Final Project due tuesday 3/7 by email to

3/11 week 7 
paper: Leung, A review of distortion techniques
paper: Bertin, J., Graphics and graphic information
Also you SHOULD have read by now:  Book general introduction

Haixia Zhao
Fusun Yaman
Bertin.ppt and ANIM.avi
3/18 week 8
Class Exam
3/25 ++ Spring Break ++  
4/1 week 9 
paper: Healey  Preattentive Processing
Discussion: Research perspective in Info Vis

Gene Chipman
(group discussion)
see research.html
4/8 week 10 
paper: Becker, R., Visualizing network data
Network visualization
paper: Inselberg, A., Multidimensional detective
Cassie Thomas
Haixia Zhao
4/15 week 11
paper: Robertson, G., The information visualizer

3D workspaces
Coordinated visualizations
Project discussion

4/22 week 12
Guest lecture (2-4:30pm.): Prof. Doug Oard  (
Visualization in Information Retrieval Interfaces
4/29 week 13 
paper: Furnas, G., Effective view navigation
paper: Characterizing interative externalizations
5/6 week 14 - 
Term Project Drafts on the web for review
5/13 week 15 - 
Term Projects Due 
(posted on the web by 10am + bring 2 printed copies to class) 
Term Project Presentations  
2:00-5:00 pm  (see detail schedule in project page)
Same place: in ???

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