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CMSC 420 Data Structures, Spring 2003

Current Announcements
  • Grades have been emailed to your class accounts. If you don't get them before your accounts die wait a bit and grades will probably be posted in some form to the web page. If regrading issues come up you'll have to resolve it after I get back from Hawaii on the 5th ;) Here's a graph of the final grade totals for everyone.
  • Updated CanvasPlus for p3 with animation support. See newsgroup for details. canvas plus
  • Project version 3.02b(frozen) [5/11 fixed 2 typos cmsc414=cmsc420, B+ is graded with print_bptree, not print_quadtree] Updated as of 5-10-03.

    While the html is workable again (match .pngs back where they belong and such) I still think the .ps is better formatted if you can help it. I took out the things I said I would (a large chunk of animation) added USE_HAPPY_FUN_BP() to the command spec, removed the last occurences of the word "dock", and fiddled with the UNTESTED/UNCHANGED tags. Note that the adjacency list is completely out of the project. Also, read the B+ tree code specification (included in the spec)
    As long as there aren't any mind bogglingly annoying errors that can't be worked around and keep me from being able to grade, this is it. Shortly I guess I may put that gif back up...

  • Project version 3.01 Updated as of 4-06-03.

    It's a big one. You'll notice I forgot to change the version number in the document. Oops. Also, as I mentioned in the newsgroup you will probably find the postscript version better formatted (paragraphs and such) than the html for reading (the html command spec is mostly fine).

  • Just to clarify, since there seemed to be some confusion, in order to not force a change in deadline (and since it needed no revision) the project2 spec is and has been for a while now FROZEN
  • Project version 2.03 Updated as of 3-22-03.

    Addition of NEAREST_SEG_TO_POINT command. Changes in INIT_QUADTREE and intersection rules. Read the first few paragraphs of the PM1 section and recheck the command spec for the relevant functions. Send flames and other feelings of betrayal to the newsgroup.

  • Project version 2.02[deprecated:)]3-14-03. html pdf postscript
  • Last update 5:40pm 2/23/03. Get some project 1 samples and tests here This includes a slightly updated (see newsgroup for additions). Now demonstrates most commands including drawing examples.
  • Check the class webpage and newsgroup regularly for project and class updates. Postings from TA's and Dr. Hugue are mandatory reading.
  • Check newsgroup csd.cmsc420 daily for project clarifications. All project-related questions will be answered on the newsgroup to ensure all students equal access to the information. Answers will not be emailed.
Course Essentials
  • Lectures (located in CSIC3117):
    • Sec 0201: 2:00pm-3:15pm
    • Sec 0301: 3:30pm-4:45pm
  • Instructor: Michelle Hugue
    • Email:
    • Office: 1125 AV Williams
    • Hours: MW 3:30-5:30 or by appointment
  • TA: Brian Krznarich
    • Email:
    • Office: 1151 AV Williams (the TA room)
    • Hours: TuTh 11-12:15 and 2-3:15. Also by appointment.
  • TA: Alexander Mosolov
    • Email:
    • Office: 1151 AV Williams (the TA room)
    • Hours: Th 11:00-3:00
  • Class accounts: Unix accounts will be on the OIT (Office of Information Technology) Detective Alpha cluster. Please familiarize yourself with the rules for OIT account usage.
  • Book(s): Design and Analysis of Spatial Data Structures (Samet) and A Practical Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms (Shaffer)
Projects, Quizzes, and Exams
  • Quizzes: best 3 of 4 (15%-20%) on 2/13, 3/6, 4/17, 5/8
  • Midterm: (20%-25%) on 3/20
  • Final Exam: (25%-30%) on 5/19, 4pm-6pm
  • Project: (35%-40%)
    • Part 1 on time 10pm, 3-1
    • Part 2 on time 10pm, 4/12, with 10% early bonus 24 hours prior
    • Part 3 on time 10pm, 5/17, with 10% early bonus 10pm 5/15
  • Class Participation: up to 5%

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