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Integrity Policy

From Dr. Hugue: Your work is expected to be your own or to be labeled with its source, whether book or human or web page. Discussion of all parts of the project is permitted and encouraged, including diagrams and flow charts. However, pseudocode writing together is discouraged because it's too close to writing the code together for anyone to be able to tell the difference. Since the projects are interrelated, and double jeopardy is not my goal, we have a very liberal code use and reuse policy. First and foremost, use of code produced by anyone who is or has ever taken 420 from me requires email from provider and user to be sent to the instructor. The instructor is the sole arbiter of code use and reuse, and reserves the right to fail any student who does not make a good faith effort on the project, or who refuses to adhere to the policies stated herein. Remember, it is better to ask and feel silly, than not to ask and receive a complimentary F or XF.

Brian Krznarich 2003-05-11