CMSC 434: Human Factors in Computer and Information Systems

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Exam, Project, and Semester Letter Grades have been e-mailed to your registered e-mail addresses. Letter grades have been submitted to Testudo and should currently appear.

My account will be deleted soon. If you need to contact me in order to pick up a portfolio or take a look at your exam, please contact me at

Which of Shneiderman's 10 Plagues does this fall into?

The Diamondback's Web site has an example of bad-layout today (I think). There is clearly a "below the scroll" problem with the placement of the picture of Tim Daly and the headline about Williams when the page loads and I think it still exists as a problem in terms of alignment even with the page scrolled down more.

A page about consistency in the Mac UI.

In class I discussed an electronic note-taking system on which I am working. If you are interested in trying it out, I have placed a link to the installer for it below. It requires the .NET Framework to be installed on your machine first. This framework is about 20.5 megabytes. Your laptop will also need a wireless network card in order for the application to be able to receive real-time materials. Please note - no additional material will be made available to students trying out this program - they will simply be getting live screenshots of what the entire class is seeing. New The second "live" release of the software is now available - BIRD installer 0.8 is about 5.2 megabytes. If you have the previous version installed, go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall it. Unzip the contents to a temporary directory and double-click on Setup.exe to install. You should also take a look at the application description page if you are thinking about using it since I have not added the help section to the application yet.

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