Project 6 Grading Criteria

  1. File Operations/Message Queues using (Updated 5/10) p6test.c, opentest.c, and file1
    It also uses cat.exe, wc.exe which you were given earlier.

    At the shell prompt, typing:

    should output only success. If it outputs fail, one of the tests failed. At the end it should output
    You should see this message at end!!!
    Correct implementation is worth at least 70 points.

    Obviously, when grading, we will use the above program but change names for files/directories
    We also reserve the right to add aditional grading files

    Test files used for grading: a.c (40 points), b.c (60 points)
    You lost 10 points if I had to restart bochs to run b.exe.
    You lost 10 points if I had to modify your code to make it run.