Presentation of Design

DailyLog PHR will make the action of entering information about their mood and incontinence easier. It does everything that the available products offer, but allows more functionality such as charts to determine sleeping patterns and charts showing fluids that could trigger incontinent episodes. The main functionality is the ability to manipulate the way the interface is created by physicians. Physicians will use DailyLog PHR to decide which questions are necessary and can add them to the interface. The physician also has the ability to in what manner the user can answer the question. Whether it’s in a textbox format or in a list, etc. This allows the physician decide what is the most effective questions to ask their patient and have the questions that they feel are most appropriate. DailyLog PHR also simplifies the data entry process for a mood chart. The answers to the questions are automatically created into a mood chart or other charts, such as amount of sleep in past week to see any signs of manic episodes. This chart could be used to find patterns in a person’s behavior, which could be used so the patient can learn to avoid those habits. A urinary incontinence patient will use CapMed's PHR to answer questions about their consumption of fluids, urination activity and any accidents that occur. It is the same as using the diary from the web or the Gynecologist’s office, but using DailyLog PHR, the patient can create an analysis chart immediately after entering their data. The most beneficial aspect of using DailyLog PHR is the ability to use all the features of CapMed’s PHR software. If the patient wonders what type of medication they are taking, the patient can click on the type of medication and a web browser will open to a page describing that drug. Also, users will be able to track their medical history and allow quick analysis by the physician. The doctor can upload the information from CapMed’s PHR key and analyze the data quickly by creating different types of charts to determine patterns that can cause manic or depressive episodes or a type of fluid or action that can cause urinary incontinence. Integrating DailyLog PHR into CapMed's software will allow the elimination of the hard-copy journal that the patient must use and speed up diagnosis and aid in the patient’s treatments.

Transition Diagram

The following is a transition diagram for the screens in the DailyLog PHR:




Web Accessibility