Abstract and Credits





The Digital Personal Trainer is a Personal Data Assistant-based (PDA) program that allows weightlifters to generate, customize, track, and analyze a workout routine. The program is intended to guide users of varying weightlifting experience towards generating workouts based on specific goals and targets. Besides being a record keeper, the Digital Personal Trainer enables users to view exercise progress on several different dimensions and generate feedback to modify their current routine. Above all, the Digital Personal Trainer was created to be non-obstructive and conducive to a gymnasium environment.





The following people contributed to the design and implementation of the Digital Personal Trainer:


Adam Axelrod

Task design, Prototype design, Interface Testing, Report/Documentation


Tony Brown

            System requirements, Prototype design, Implementation     


Tim Finley

System requirements, Prototype design, Implementation                 


Chris Newman

            Proposal, Document write-ups, Usability Test, Report/Documentation


Ben Tedesco

            Task design, Prototype design, Implementation














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