Project Final Status
1. Look at Pictures: This component lets the users browse through the list of people in their "address book" or "album".
2. Send an Email Card: This component lets the users send an email card to a person in their "album" for a specific occasion.
3. Phone call section: The capacity to call people at three different locations.
4. Communication diary: The capacity to count the number of times email and phone calls were exchanged between the user and people in the photo album.

Future Work Possibilities
As far as the "Look at pictures" module goes, there isn't much that can be done from a User Interface perspective. Maybe the code can be made more generic and allow the user the ability to add and remove pictures from the "album" on the fly. Small changes such as double clicking the picture in "Thumbnail Layout" should display "Portrait Layout" could also be a future enhancement. Other such minor tweaks could be made throughout the module.

For the "Send an Email Card" module, the more occasions could be added. The user could be given the option to add and remove existing occasions. Apart from that, maybe the card could include sound as well. Other than that minor tweaks such as changing colors or fonts could be future enhancements. Another possibility could be a "Help" screen within the application.

Phone call section: The capacity to select from multiple numbers for a particular location. Someone might have two phone lines at home, if one of them is busy, the user might want to try the other line. Offering more options for locations to call, e.g. fax number.

Communication diary: Presenting the result in a tabular format instead of numbers in a pop-up window. The result would be expanded to list each phone call/email that was sent/received, the person who initiated the event, along with the timestamp for that event.

Recommendations for Future Developers
Future developers can try to integrate the application in a more consistent way. They could use the browse module for the last two modules as well. Overall consistency is a main key point that should be addressed. Allow for the users to use and change the pictures within the system. Maybe an online version to actually modify and update content from the internet based on code changes etc. would be helpful.

Make all the screens consistent. Make use of already developed components. The phone call and communication diary made use of a different way of selecting pictures instead of using the Browse option to select pictures.

Web Accessibility