R.I.S.E, Real-time Interactive Self-help Electronics, is a portable device providing assisted self-help for persons suffering from acute depression and anxiety disorders. R.I.S.E features self-help procedures such as breathing and meditation techniques, daily-logged journal writing, and psychotherapy prompts. In addition, R.I.S.E presents the user with a portable method of medication evaluation and reminders, and a different means to contact outside support, such as the ability to schedule appointments or to simply send concerns and discussion topics to a current psychiatrist or help-group. R.I.S.E is customizable to the user, allowing him or her to select their own color scheme and upload images, videos, and audio files that are meaningful and calming. R.I.S.E strives to create a safe and secure environment for users to record their true thoughts and feelings, thus facilitating more accurate assessments as well as empowering the user to utilize self-help whenever necessary.



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