CMSC 838G - Spring 2004
Prof Guimbretiere

Advanced usability: New Devices for New Interactions

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Class description

  As computers are slowly becoming more and more pervasive in our everyday life, the design of the "tangible" interface (such the shape of the device, the location and type of the input systems) is becoming as important as the design of the "graphical" interface on the screen. To understand this phenomenon, this class will study the interplay between hardware and software in the design of new interaction techniques. Through case studies, we will investigate how novel devices could improve everyday interactions or help new class of users access computer resources. Examples include:
    - Documents navigation,
    - Text input for small devices (PDA, phones,...)
    - Better access for the visually impaired,
    - Better access for the elderly,
    - Better access for children

Class format

  This class will focus on conducting a research project. Each student (or small group of students) will conduct an independent study designing, building, and evaluating a new input device. Students in the class will have access to a rapid prototyping printer recently acquired by the department (Z corp Zprinter 310).

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