CMSC212 - Project #4


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  • Clarifications

  • When modifying instCount to use the table abstraction, you must pass the key as the integer not a pointer to an integer. For example, if you your key to be the number 3 (since it occured in the file), the key passed to insert or lookup should be the number 3 and not a pointer to a memory location holding the number 3.
  • When modifying the link line for intCount after re-factoring, you will need to include the options "-L. -ldl -rdynamic" on the link line so that the dlopen will suceed.
  • When calling dlopen, you should use the name of the library with a relative path such as "./" and not one that includes a full path or the ~ symbol.
  • The names supplied to defineImplementation should be "avl" for the AVL Tree and "hash" for the hash table.
  • Header, Source, Object, and Sample Data Files

    Run 'cvs co project4' to get files.