CMSC212 - Project #5


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  • Clarifications

  • Your proxy.c file should contain a function int initProxy(int port) which establishes a socket on the passed port, and then registers the file handle for that socket with the blockboard system. This will cause the registered callback to be invoked whenever a user connects to the server.
  • The user names for the console client should be "console" and the user name for the proxy client should be "client".
  • The protoype for registerFileEventHandler is wrong in the handout, the second paramters if of type fdEventHandlerFunc. The defintions in blackboard.h are correct.
  • Reminder about output formats:
  • Each message handler (console and proxy) should print the message in the form
    Message from elisa
    text of message
  • The message "user [console|elisa|network proxy server] joined the chat" must use the exact name of the client, and the punctuation and spacing shown.
  • The first parameter to the eventHandler callback function should be the boardHandle of the board that is getting the message, not the board handle of the sender of the message.
  • Header, Source, Object, and Sample Data Files

    Run 'cvs co project5' to get files.

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