CMSC 424 Section 0201 Spring 2005

Final Class Grades

Final Exam Scores

News: Class accounts will be deactivated on May 26. If you want to preserve stuff from your project, copy it out or talk to me asap.

Class meets TuTh 11:00-12:15,   Room CSI 3117
Professor: Amol Deshpande
Email: amol at cs dot umd dot edu
Office hours: Tue 12:45-1:30 or by appointment
Office AVW 3221, Tel. 405-2703

TA:Walid Gomaa
Email: walid at cs dot umd dot edu
Office (not for office hours): 3212 Desk 4, Tel. 405-2713
Office hours: Tue 3:30-4:30, Wed 12:30-1:30
Office hours in: AVW 1112
* TA's Announcements and System Material

FINAL - MAY 16 - 8AM-10AM - CSIC 3117 (the regular class room)

Project Description     Phase 0 Due Date - Feb 17, 2005

Database Design Methodology with a simplified example

Final project grades

Required text: Korth & Silberschatz "Database System Concepts," Fourth Edition, McGraw Hill 2001.
I HIGHLY recommend reading ahead from the text and the notes even if you don't understand most of the concepts. This gives you a big advantage in understanding the material while covered in class and it saves enormously when you read the material and do the practice exersises below for the course and the exams.

Jan 27          Thu       Introduction to the class; Entity-relationship Model     Notes
Feb 01 Tue Entity-relationship Model     Notes
Feb 03 Thu ER Model; Relational Model     Notes
Feb 08 Tue Relational Algebra     Notes
Feb 10 Thu SQL     Notes
Feb 15 Tue SQL     Notes (includes slides not covered in class)
Feb 17 Thu SQL; Integrity Constraints     Notes
Feb 22 Tue Integrity Constraints     Notes
Feb 24 Thu No Class
Mar 01 Tue Normalization     Notes
Mar 03 Thu Normalization    No Notes
Mar 08 Tue Normalization    No Notes
Mar 10 Thu Storage: Files    No Notes
Mar 15 Tue Storage: Files     Notes on Buffer Management
Mar 17 Thu Indexing/Hashing     Notes on ISAM
Mar 29 Tue Query Processing/Query Optimization    No Notes; optional reading: Query evaluation techniques for large databases - Goetz Graefe
Mar 31 Thu catch-up/review     Notes
Apr 05 Tue Mid-term exam (regular class time and place)
Apr 07 Thu Sorting    No Notes
Apr 12 Tue Query Processing    No Notes
Apr 14 Thu Query Optimization
Apr 19 Tue Transactions/Concurrency Control
Apr 21 Thu Concurrency Control     Partial Notes on Concurrency
Apr 26 Tue Concurrency/Recovery management
Apr 28 Thu Recovery/Database architectures
May 3 Tue Database Architecture, Parallel/Distributed Databases Google Architecture
May 5 Thu Object-oriented/Object-relational Databases, XML     Notes
May 10 Tue Web and Databases
May 12 Thu Review
May 16 FINAL Monday 8am-10am CSIC 3117 (same room)

A student's grading will be determined from homeworks (10%), one SQL assignment (10%), a midterm (20%), a final exam (30%) and a project (30%). The project requires analysis, design, development, implementation, and documentation in three phases. Phase I: Requirement Analysis and System Analysis; Phase II: Schema and Application Program design; and Phase III: Implementation followed by a demo.
  • Make-up policy: No make-up exam will be given except for medical and emergency reasons.
  • Delayed work: No delayed work will be accepted, unless accompanied by a doctor's note.
    Excused Absenses Due to Illness
    A student claiming a excused absence must apply in writing and furnish documentary support (such as from a health care professional who treated the student) for any assertion that the absence qualifies as an excused absence. The support should explicitly indicate the dates or times the student was incapacitated due to illness. Self-documentation of illness is not itself sufficient support to excuse the absence. This instructor is not under obligation to offer a substitute assignment or to give a student a make-up assessment unless the failure to perform was due to an excused absence.