CMSC 828V: Recent Advances in Computer Graphics, Spring 2005


Amitabh Varshney

4407 A. V. Williams Bldg
Phone: (301)405-6761
Email:varshney @

Lecture Time & Place

Fridays 10:00am - 12:45pm
Room 2120 Computer Science Instructional Center

Course Structure

Course Pre-Requisites: CMSC 427, CMSC 740, or equivalent. You should have taken one computer graphics course at undergraduate or graduate level.

Course Credit: This course counts towards the Visual and Geometric Computing area's requirements for PhD core, MS comps, and MS coursework.

Course Text Book: None. Just read the papers below and my lecture notes

Course Grading:
Presentations 20%
Midterm Exam 20%
Project 30%
Final Exam 30%

Course Overview: This course will consist of lectures (by me) and presentations (from you, the students). At the beginning of each class, I plan to discuss the theoretical foundations, the topic overview, and the general trends in that topic. I expect this to last about half the class. In the other half of the class, two students will present two papers each, followed by class discussion on the presentations and my lecture. This is a shared learning class and active participation in these discussions is strongly encouraged. I expect each student to do two presentations during the semester. If you are just sitting in the course (auditing), I will expect you to present once during the semester. In addition to the class presentations, there will be a semseter-long programming project that you can do alone or in teams of two. This should be either an excellent re-implementation of an existing idea, or a bare-bones re-implementation of existing ideas with some unpublished new extensions.

Course Deliverables:

  • Presentations: Two 40-minute presentations.
    • Slides: Send me the powerpoint slides after each presentation. I will post them to the course website

  • Project: Semester-long project alone or in groups of two.
    • Preliminary Report: This will be a one to two-page report due early in the semester that outlines the participant(s), project overview, what you plan to do, mid-semester and end-semester milestones, and one or two references to previous work
    • Mid-Semester Report: This will be due April 1. It should discuss your project progress and milestone
    • Final Report: This will be due May 6 and should discuss your project accomplishments place them in the context of other work in the field.
    • Source Code: You should upload the source code to the course directory by May 6.
    • Project Presentation and Demo: We will have a course presentation and demo fest in our May 6 class. Send me your powerpoint presentation for this after the class.

  • Exams:
    • Midterm and Final Exams will be based on material presented in my lectures and your presentations

Course Plan (Tentative)

Jan 28: Overview of the Graphics Pipeline

Part 1: PDF(2), PDF(6)
Part 2: PDF(2), PDF(6)

Feb 4: Graphics Architectures

Lecture: PDF(2), PDF(6)
Nick Chen's Presentation: PDF(2), PDF(6)
Derek Juba's Presentation: PDF(2), PDF(6), Notes

Feb 11: Programmable Shading

Lecture: PDF(2), PDF(6)
Supplementary Talk (GDC NVIDIA): PDF(1)
Kenny Weiss's Presentation: PDF(2), PDF(6)
Youngmin Kim's Presentation: PDF(2), PDF(6)

Feb 18: General-Purpose GPU Computing

Lecture: PDF(2), PDF(6)
Che-Rung Lee's Presentation: PDF(2), PDF(6)
Hyunyoung Song's Presentation: PDF(2), PDF(6)

Feb 25: Hardware Stream Processing and Rendering

Lecture: PDF(2), PDF(6)
Derek Juba's Presentation: PDF(2), PDF(6)
Houman Alborzi's Presentation: PDF(2), PDF(6)

Mar 4: Basis Functions for Rendering

Lecture: PDF(2), PDF(6)

Mar 11: Pre-computed Radiance Transfer

Lecture: PPT, PDF(6)
David Greenfieldboyce's Presentation: PPT

Mar 18: Midterm Exam

Apr 1: Lighting Design

Lecture: PDF(2), PDF(6)
Kenny Weiss's Presentation: PDF(2), PDF(6)
Nicholas Chen's Presentation: PDF(2), PDF(6)

Apr 8: Point-based Graphics

Lecture: PDF(2), PDF(6)
Alok Priyadarshi's Presentation: PDF(2), PDF(6)
Jagan Sankaranarayanan's Presentation: PDF

Apr 15: Image-based Graphics

Lecture: PDF(2), PDF(6)
Hyunyoung Song's Presentation: PDF(2), PDF(6)

Apr 22: Level of Detail Methods for Triangle Meshes

Lecture: PDF(2), PDF(6)
Alok Priyadarshi's Presentation: PDF(2), PDF(6)

Apr 29: Implicit Surfaces

Lecture: PDF(2), PDF(6)
Youngmin Kim's Presentation: PDF(2), PDF(6)
Haibin Ling's Presentation: PDF(2), PDF(6)

May 6: Project Presentations

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