Course Information for: CMSC 838GHow to do Research (spring 2005)

General Course Information

Mondays at 4pm,
Computer Science Instructional Center (CSIC) 2117

Clyde Kruskal,, Office AVW 3215, phone 405-2683;
William Gasarch,, Office AVW 3245, Phone 405-2698;
Don Perlis,, Office AVW 3259, Phone 405-2685.

Course Description

This course is aimed at acquainting graduate students with various research-related skills and understandings.


You must be a computer science graduate student.

Course Requirements

Grading: The course is 1-credit P/F. Grading is based on attendance and in-class participation. Attendence is mandatory.


    Jan 31: How I found my current research project (Gasarch)

    Feb 7: How to pick a dissertation topic (Kruskal and Perlis)

    Feb 14: How to give a good talk (Dorr/Kruskal)

    Feb 21: How to give a good talk, continued (Dorr/Kruskal)

    Feb 28: The many uses of math in CS (Jacobs et al) SNOWED OUT!

    Mar 7 : The many uses of math in CS (Jacobs et al)

    Mar 14: How to write a research paper (Reggia) pdf

    Mar 21: Spring Break

    Mar 28: cancelled

    Apr 4: How to listen to a talk (Kruskal and Gasarch)

    Apr 11: How to read a paper (Kruskal and Gasarch and Perlis)

    Apr 18: The so-called Scientific Method (Guimbretiere)

    Apr 25: Academia vs industry (Getoor)

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