CMSC 424 Section 0101 Spring 2006

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Project and Assignment Grades

News: See the CMSC424 Forum for news and general announcements.

Class meets TuTh 11:00-12:15,   Room CSIC 1122

Instructor: Amol Deshpande
Email: amol at cs dot umd dot edu
Office hours: Thursday: 2-3pm or by appointment
Office AVW 3221, Tel. 301-405-2703

TA: Yao Wu
Email: yaowu at cs dot umd dot edu
Office hours: Monday 11:00am-12:30pm.
Office hours in: 3126D

TA: Maryam Farboodi
Email: farboodi at cs dot umd dot edu
Office hours: Tuesday 1:30-3pm.
Office hours in: TA Room on the 1st Floor, AVW (1152?)

In place of a newsgroup as traditionally used, we will be using a forum ( CMSC424 Forum ) for general announcements, and to ask/answers questions about the projects/assignments etc. You are required to read the forum on a regular basis. Also, the forum should be the first resort for asking any (non-private) questions. You will need to register to use the forum.
There are two parts to this assignment. First one is Due Feb 21 (the answers will be provided that day), and the second one is Due Feb 28.
Schema Information, Description of the Database, and Queries    
Part 1 Solutions    
Part 2 Solutions    
SQL Script to Populate the Database    
To start with, log into the grace machines, run "tap oraclient", followed by "sqlplus" (SID: dbclass2, user/password provided in class).
To populate the dataset, use:
                @ populate-dblp.sql
And try some simple queries:
                e.g. select * from conferences;

Errata/Comments for the assignment description: Submission Instructions:       Sample Submission    
Description     Due April 18, 2006; Example Dataset    

Hints in Oracle    

Homework 1     Due Feb 9, 2006; Homework 1 Solutions    

Homework 2     Due March 14, 2006; Homework 2 Solutions    

Homework 3     Due April 4, 2006; RAID 6 Discussion     Homework 3 Solutions    

Homework 4     Due May 9, 2006; Homework 4 Solutions    

Errata: In question 4, the read(B) for Transaction 2 should be before the if statement. This is corrected in the current copy.
Midterm 1 Solutions

Midterm 2 Solutions
Project Description     Phase 0 Due Date - Feb 16, 2005

A Sample XML Document

Required text: Silberschatz, Korth & Sudarshan; "Database System Concepts", Fifth Edition, McGraw Hill 2005.

The book website ( has a lot of supplemental material that you may find useful.

Note 1: Typically I will *not* be using slides while teaching. Any slides used will be posted here.

Note 2: The schedule below (in particular, the homework/assignment dates) is approximate and may change.

Note 3: The chapter numbers refer to the 5th Edition. In class we jumped around the sections, so the chapter numbers written below may not precisely match what was covered that day.

Date     Day   Topic Book Chapters
Jan 26 Thu Introduction to the class;     Notes 1
Jan 31 Tue Entity-relationship Model;     Notes ; Homework 1 Out; 6 (except 6.11)
Feb 02 Thu ER Model; Relational Model;     Notes ; 6 (except 6.11), 2
Feb 07 Tue Converting ER to Relational; Relational Algebra;     Notes 6 (except 6.11), 2
Feb 09 Thu SQL; Homework 1 Due; SQL Assignment Out 3 (except 3.11), 4.2, 8.6
Feb 14 Tue SQL;     Movies Database SQL Queries (continued)
Feb 16 Thu SQL; Integrity Constraints;     Notes ; Project Phase 0 (Group Information) Due; (continued)
Feb 21 Tue Integrity Constraints;     Notes ; SQL Assignment Part 1 Due; (continued)
Feb 23 Thu Integrity Constraints; Normalization;     Notes ; Chapter 7
Feb 28 Tue Normalization; SQL Assignment Part 2 Due; Chapter 7
Mar 02 Thu Midterm 1 (Syllabus: All material covered in class so far);
Mar 07 Tue Normalization; Homework 2 Out Chapter 7
Mar 09 Thu Normalization; Storage: Files Chapter 7; Chapter 11.
Mar 14 Tue Storage: Files;     Notes ; Homework 2 Due; Chapter 11.
Mar 16 Thu Storage: Files; Project Phase 1 Due; Homework 3 Out; Chapter 11.
Mar 21 Tue Spring Break
Mar 23 Thu Spring Break
Mar 28 Tue Storage: Indexing/Hashing; Programming Assignment Out Chapter 12, except 12.4, 12.9.
Mar 30 Thu Indexing/Hashing;     Notes ;
Apr 04 Tue Query Processing; catch-up; Homework 3 Due; Chapter 13.
Apr 06 Thu Midterm 2
Apr 11 Tue Query processing; Join algorithms; Sorting.
Apr 13 Thu Query processing; Query optimization; Chapter 14, except 14.5
Apr 18 Tue Query optimization; Programming Assignment Due;
Apr 20 Thu Query optimization;     Notes ;
Apr 25 Tue Transactions; Concurrency/Recovery management;     Notes (Transactions) ; Chapter 15.
Apr 27 Thu Concurrency/Recovery;     Notes (Concurrency) ; Homework 4 Out; Chapter 16, except 16.5, 16.8, 16.9
May 2 Tue Concurrency/Recovery;     Notes (Recovery) ; Project Phase 2 Due Chapter 17, except 17.8, 17.9.
May 4 Thu Recovery;
May 9 Tue Parallel/Distributed Databases; Object-oriented/Object-relational Databases, XML     Notes ; Homework 4 Due Chapter 20; Only lectures notes in syllabus for OR/OO/XML.
May 11 Thu Warehouses, Information Retrieval, Web.     Notes (Misc Topics 2) ;     Notes (Wrapup) ;
May 13 Sat FINAL (Saturday 8am - 10am)

Homeworks: 10%, Midterms: 25%, Final: 25%
One programming assignment: 10%, SQL Assignment: 10%, Application Development Project: 20%

The project is to be done in groups of 2 students each. Rest of the assignments must be done individually (including the SQL assignment and the programming assignment).

  • Make-up policy: No make-up exam will be given except for medical and emergency reasons.
  • Delayed work: No delayed work will be accepted, unless accompanied by a doctor's note.
    A student claiming a excused absence must apply in writing and furnish documentary support (such as from a health care professional who treated the student) for any assertion that the absence qualifies as an excused absence. The support should explicitly indicate the dates or times the student was incapacitated due to illness. Self-documentation of illness is not itself sufficient support to excuse the absence. This instructor is not under obligation to offer a substitute assignment or to give a student a make-up assessment unless the failure to perform was due to an excused absence.