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CMSC 430: Theory of Language Translation

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  1. Scanner Generator (README) due Fri, 2/17, 5:00pm -- code in proj1.tar (Unix/Linux), (Windows/DOS), (Eclipse, courtesy of Lamont)
  2. Scanner / Parser (README) due Wed, 3/8, 5:00pm -- code in proj2.tar (unix/linux), (Windows/DOS)
  3. Type Checker/AST (README) due Tue, 4/4, 5:00pm -- code in proj3.tar (unix/linux), (Windows/DOS)
  4. Code Generator & Peephole Optimizer (README) due Tue, 4/25, 5:00pm -- code in proj4.tar (unix/linux), (Windows/DOS)
    Remember to also download & install JavaClass library (, de.tar) to CLASSPATH
  5. Dataflow Analysis / Byte Code Optimizer (README) due Fri, 5/13, 5:00pm -- code in proj5.tar (unix/linux), (Windows/DOS)
Class Resources

Keith Cooper and Linda Torczon provided the original lecture notes. Bill Pugh and Anasua Bhowmik contributed to the programming projects.