University of Maryland, College Park
Spring 2006
Viz4All Hyunyoung Song (hsong@cs) Maryam Farboodi (farboodi@cs) Hamid Haidarian Shahri(hamid@cs)

VIZ4All is a compilation of web based application done by Information Visualization class of 2006 spring. This work was inspired by VIZ4ALL project of Information Visualization spring 2005. The applications reviewed by last year's VIZ4ALL are excluded in this year's review. Additional to listing new web based applications that emerged in the web domain over the past year, we also discuss mashups in Web2.0, color design issue in web and list links to information visualization related companies.

Scientists and researchers have known for a long time that the best way to decipher vast quantities of data is to display it visually. Instantly recognizing patterns in a chart, graph or diagram "is wired into our visual system as part of the evolution of humans. Our focus is on visualizing abstract data set which can have various graphic representation.


Each application is categorized based on the following classification; Implementation, Application Domain, Visualization Category.

If there isn't enough screen space to display the information, nice overview/filter/zoom/detail on demand interaction is required. After all, interaction is easy way to conquer complexity of data. Therefore, we also introduced 5 star rating system to Readability, Interaction level, Visualization compactness to evaluate each application, followed by a brief summary of the application.

Special Topics

Public API to build map applications like Google Maps is a big part of the new trend Web 2.0. Since it's emergence, information visualization in the geographic visualization area has changed. This section introduces to the new trend Web 2.0 and explains how it influences Information Visualization in 2006.

Color introduces a webpage on color design.

InfoViz Company lists companies in this research area and a quick summary of what type of information visualization they are involved in.