CMSC 131 -- Object Oriented Programming I

Spring 2007

Fear the Turtle!



Development Environment

In order to complete the projects for this course you will be using an integrated software development tool (or IDE) called Eclipse. If you are planning on working from your own PC, you must visit the following link and follow the instructions there on how to setup the Eclipse environment so that it works for our class.


Click here for a screenshot of the CVS Connection Dialog Box for this semester.

Other Class-Related Links

Changing your class account (CVS) password
You MUST change the password for your class account. We will go over this process in one of the Lab sessions, but this page also tells you how.
Jar creation for submission
If you find it necessary to use the submit server for your program submission, please see this information for instructions on how to create your .jar file.


Here are some software utilities that you may want to install on your home PC or laptop.

A utility for managing .zip files. If you are planning to install the software you need for the course then you will probably need WinZip. Tip: WinZip costs $29, but the evaluation version is fully functional and does not expire.
F-Secure SSH enables you to create a secure connection to computers in the University.  This program is available for free to all University of Maryland students.  If you are a Windows user visit the web site  F-Secure-SSH to download a F-Secure SSH.   If you are a Mac user visit the web site Terminal-Applications for further information.

NOTE: Effective August 1, 2005, OIT will no longer provide telnet or ftp services on any of the following public systems: WAM, Glue, Deans.


Mac OS X v.10.4 (Tiger)

If you have a Mac and are planning to use Java 5.0 then you must update your OS to Tiger.  As a student of the University you can obtain a copy of this software for $20.00.  Visit the web site Mac OS X v.10.4 for further information.

About Java

The following web pages provide detailed references to information about Java.

Sun's "Code Conventions"
Guide for proper style when programming in Java.
Sun's Java Homepage
It is the place to come when you really need the latest technical specs and downloads.
Sun's Java Tutorial
This page has a number of links to books and web pages about Java, which you may find of interest.
Java SDK 5.0 General Documentation
This page contains technical documentation for the Java Software Development Kit (JDK), which includes the Java compiler and the associated libraries.
Java 5.0 API Specs
This page contains (javadoc) documentation for the Java libraries. It is an excellent reference and you should bookmark it on your browser.
Java 5.0 API Search
This page allows you to search through the Java 5.0 API. It is an excellent reference and you should bookmark it on your browser.
Running Java without Eclipse
This page describes how to run a Java program on Microsoft Windows, Unix, and Mac OS without Eclipse (using just a command window). See the section "Your First Cup of Java". You will need to know the directory where your Java SDK is stored on your machine, order to set the various environment variables.


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