Homework #4

CMSC 132

Due Date: Fri April 27, 6:00 pm

Object-Oriented Programming II

Type of Homework: Closed

Spring 2007


For this homework,  you will rewrite a class called PrtMessage so that each message is printed by a separate thread (you will need one thread for “Fear the turtle”, one for “UMCP”, and one “Go Terps”).  The message “Terrapins rock” should be displayed after all the other messages have been displayed.  Feel free to add any methods you understand you need and feel free to modify the main method.

The homework's code distribution is available by checking out the module named HW4.  Notice that there are no public tests or submit server testing for this homework.  To submit the project just use the submit project option.

No late deadline is associated with this homework.


To submit the project use the Eclipse submit project option.

Academic Integrity

Please make sure you read the academic integrity section of the syllabus so you understand what is permissible in our class assignments. We want to remind you that we check your work against other students' work and any case of academic dishonesty will be referred to the University's Office of Judicial Programs.