Introduction to Low Level Programming
Spring 2007
For the 0201 and 0202 sections, Jan Plane will be available in her office on Wednesday May 16th from 1:30-3:00 and on Thursday, May 17th from 9:30-11:00 if you would like to see your final exam (you can only review them in my office) or if you have any grading questions about the grades on the web page.
Answers to sample finals from Spring 2005 and Fall 2005 are now available.
Sample finals from Spring 2005 and Fall 2005 are now available.
The handout for Project #6 is now available.
On P5, the semantics of createOperatorNode when passed a NULL tree for either sub-tree were not defined. In this case, the function should create a node, with one or more NULL subtrees (i.e. it should not return NULL).
There was a bug in the .o files for ast*.o in p5.tar.gz. If you copied these files before 3:00 PM on 4/16, copy the files ~/212files/ast*.o into your project directory to get the right version.
Project #5 is now available (due 4/26/07).
There was a bug in the p5.tar.gz file from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM on 4/12/07, if you copied the file then, edit the .submit file to change the project number from 4 to 5.
Project #5 is now available (due 4/26/07).
Solutions to Exam #2 have been posed. Regrade requests due by Th 4/19/07 2:00 PM
The Socket Reference for today's class readings is available here
Error in p4.tar.gz. The version of p4.tar.gz before 2:00 PM 3/28/07 has a problem. If you started the project before this time, download a new test1.c, one sub-test used on the submit server was not included in the inital version.
Project #4 is now available (due 4/12/07).
Clarification, Midterm #2 is Tuesday April 10.
Current Year Midterm #1 Answers posted
Priror years' Midterm #1 posted
Project #3 is now available.
The first midterm exam will be Thursday March 8, 6:00-7:30 in ARM 0126 - if you need the makeup exam, send email by February 28 with the documentable reason you need the makeup exam as well as your availability on Friday, March 9.
The .submit file for the lab 7 had an error - copy the file named lab7.submit.file from 212files into the directory where your lab 7 implementation is and then type submit.
As announced in class, please complete the lab7files.tar.gz which is located in your 212files space and submit it before your lab section on Monday. The description of what needs to be implemented is in the comments of the files themselves.
Project #2 is now available.
If the University is closed because of inclement weather, all class sessions and office hours will be canceled.
If the University has delayed opening and opens at 10am or after on Tuesday or Thursday, all lecture sections of CMSC 212 will be canceled.
If the University has delayed opening and opens after 10am on Monday or Wednesday, all lab sections of CMSC 212 will be canceled.
We are doing this in order that both lecture sections and all four lab sections remain parallel covering the same material on nearly the same days.
Project #1 is due 2/13/07. There are no release or private tests for this assignment.
There was a missing "e" at the end of the word Eclipse in the .submit file for project #1. A new .submit file is available at ~/212files/.submit
A couple of corrections on the Project #1 handout are now available.
Project #1 is now available.
Office Hours are posted. That schedule will take effect as of Monday 1/28/07
Web site started. Welcome to CMSC 212 Spring 2007!