CMSC 498D - Spring'07
Prof Guimbretière

Introduction to Rapid Prototyping Techniques

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Alibre The constraints based CAD software used in class How to...
Rhino NURBs based CAD software (Used with the MicroScribe) How to...
SolidWorks Another constraints based CAD software How to...
MicroScribe A small measuring arm used for reverse-engineering How to...
Hardware prototyping    
Basic stamps A BASIC based micro-controller board  
Lego Mindstorm The new Lego NXT system  
Phidgets Inc. USB to sensors/actuators interfaces  
Microchip Manufacturer of the PIC micro-controllers used in class  
Microchip IDE Free Integrated Development Environment for PIC How to...
Microchip C compiler Free compiler for the PIC18 series How to...
B Knudsen C compiler Free compiler for the PIC10, 12, 16 series How to...
PIC List The PIC list is a good starting point for learning how to use the PIC micro-controllers  
PIC-Tools; Electronic products Ready to run hardware based on PIC micro-controllers  
Printed Circuit Board    
ExpressPCB A fast turnaround PCB manufacturer How to...

Rapid prototyping

Zprinter 310 The 3D printer available during the class How to...
VersaLaser VL300 The laser cutter available during the class How to...
ACM SIGCHI, SIGCHI's HCI Sites The premiere professional organization for people working in HCI  
UMD Guide to Usability Usability Engineering Web Resources from 1998's CMSC 434 course  
The HCI Bibliography Over 20,000 references to the HCI research literature  
Human Factors and Ergonomic Society This is a professional society that also looks at HCI, but more at the physical aspects of devices.  
ACM Digital Library UMD has a site license to the ACM Digital Library, and is available from any UMD machine.  
Jameco, Digikey Electronic supplies  
Robot Store Actuators, sensors and micro-controllers  
Tower Hobbies Hardware for models  


Agilent MSO6000 Mixed signal oscilloscope used in the class How to...

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