Lectures for CMSC 740: Advanced Computer Graphics

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The following reading suggestions are for the case when you do not fully understand what was discussed in the lectures and refer to Chapters/Sections of the textbook {\em Fundamentals of Computer Graphics} by Shirley, 2nd Ed. Unfortunately, the following list does not cover everything discussed in the class (there is no perfect textbook yet).

January 25

Discussion of course policies and course plan
Overview, Human Visual System
applications, pipeline, perception
PDF(2), PDF(6)
Reading: Chapter 1

January 30

Graphics Architectures and APIs
Evolution of graphics architectures, GPUs, OpenGL, GLUT
PDF(2), PDF(6)
Reading: Chapters 17 and 18
Websites: OpenGL and GLUT links

February 1

Transformations and Viewing
types, composition, parallel/perspective
PDF(2), PDF(6)
Reading: Chapters 6 and 7

February 6 and 8

Lines, Polygons, Visibility
scan-conversion, Z-buffer, BSP
PDF(2), PDF(6)
Reading: Sections 3.5, 3.6, Chapter 8

February 13

Illumination, Shading, Textures
uses, types, mappings
PDF(2), PDF(6)
Reading: Chapters 9, 11

February 15

Global Illumination
ray-tracing and radiosity
PDF(2), PDF(6)
Reading: Chapters 10, 23 (intro only)

February 20

The Rendering Equation and Volume Rendering
motivation, overview
PDF(2), PDF(6)
Reading: Chapter 26

February 22

Guest Lecture: Ben Shneiderman
Information Visualization: Hierarchical and Tree-Structured Data

February 27 and 29

Parallel Graphics
sorting-based classification
PDF(2), PDF(6)

March 6 and 8

Triangle Meshes
representation, LOD
PDF(2), PDF(6)
Further Reading: www.lodbook.com

March 13

Midterm Exam

March 15

Guest Lecture by Dave Mount: Delaunay Triangulations and Convex Hulls
Voronoi diagrams, duality, lifting transform

March 27

Surface Reconstruction
alpha shapes, molecular surfaces, crust
PDF(1), PDF(6)

March 29

Implicit Modeling
metaballs, soft objects, blobby models
PDF(2), PDF(6)

April 3

Implicit Modeling II
modeling with radial-basis functions and multi-level partition of unity
PDF(2), PDF(6)
Supplementary Reading

April 5

Procedural and Parametric Modeling
L-systems, Bezier, B-Spline curves and surfaces
PDF(2), PDF(6)
Reading: Chapter 15

April 10

Discrete Differential Geometry I
subdivision surfaces, mesh smoothing, mesh editing
PDF(2), PDF(6)
Supplementary Reading SIGGRAPH 2006 Course on Discrete Differential Geometry

April 12

Discrete Differential Geometry II
mesh curvature
PDF(2), PDF(6)
Supplementary Reading SIGGRAPH 2006 Course on Discrete Differential Geometry

April 17

Rendering Basis Functions and Pre-Computed Radiance Transfer
spherical harmonic lighting
PDF(2), PDF(6)
Supplementary Reading

April 24

Advances in Pre-Computed Radiance Transfer
Mid-range illumination, triple product lighting, subsurface scattering, clustered PRT
PDF(2), PDF(6)
Supplementary Reading

April 26

Non-Photorealistic Rendering
illustration, stylization, analogies
PDF(2), PDF(6)
Supplementary Reading

May 1

Lighting Design and Saliency
principles and algorithms
PDF(2), PDF(6)
Supplementary Reading
  • Mesh Saliency C. H. Lee, A. Varshney, and D. Jacobs, ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2005), Vol. 24, No. 3, August 2005, pp 348 - 373.

  • Geometry-dependent Lighting C. H. Lee, X. Hao and A. Varshney, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (IEEE Visualization), Vol. 12, No. 2, March 2006, pp 197 - 207.

  • Saliency-guided Enhancement for Volume Visualization Y. Kim and A. Varshney, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (IEEE Visualization), Vol. 12, No. 5, September 2006, pp 925 - 932.

May 3

Shadows and Wrap-up Review
PDF(2), PDF(6)

May 8

Project Presentations
  • Michael Schatz and Cole Trapnell

  • Mike Lieberman

  • Adam O'Donovan

  • Elliott Cooper-Balis

  • Kathryn Linehan and Charles Martin

  • Chris Ranney

  • Sujal Bista

May 10

Project Presentations
  • Rob Patro

  • Samah Ramadan

  • Jared Sylvester

  • Derek Juba

  • William Schawrtz

May 12

Final Exam 8:00am - 10:00am

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