CMSC 417: Networks

Spring 2008

Instructor Neil Spring
email nspring at cs
Office 4133 A. V. Williams
Office Hours TBA (send email to make an appointment)
Classroom CSIC 1122
Meets Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30-4:45
Syllabus pdf
TA Bo Han
Office hours TBA in Linuxlab (CSIC 3107)
Email bohan@cs

Final Exam

Wednesday, May 21. 10:30 AM.

NOTE: partial nat check log is what my tracker sees. If you're next to a 503, it means the tracker couldn't connect back to you to confirm that you're alive and accessible. perhaps you're behind a firewall. anyone running without an id of length 20 is way behind.

Also: Jay on nauseated torrent. If running on nauseated, you might (should) be able to talk to this tracker also running on nauseated, even if you can't get listed in any other tracker due to firewall issues. This torrent points to the nauseated:11417 tracker. I have my (potentially bad) uploader running on this seed as well.

Finally, I've "updated" the scriptroute tracker to a different implementation that complains about keys... It doesn't seem to matter.

Final Exam

Date and time posted after they announce it. Purchase no tickets.

Lecture Buffer

If for some reason I decide to tempt RSI and type a lecture, I'll put them here.




Students have noticed trouble with some machines; success on "nauseated" at least. Please send me the hostnames that you see to fail and which succeed if you've gotten most of the assignment done and can tell the difference. Thanks.