Course Information

This course presents the fundamental techniques for designing efficient computer algorithms, proving their correctness, and analyzing their running times. After a brief review of prerequisite material (asymptotics, recurrences, sorting), we will discuss efficient algorithms for basic graph problems (minimum spanning trees, shortest paths, connectivity problem, network flows), solving optimization problems through greedy algorithms and dynamic programming, proofs of intractability and NP-completeness, and approximation algorithms.

For further information, please see the Course Syllabus.

General Information

Class Time/Location Tue, Thu 9:30-10:45am
CSI 1121
Instructor Dave Mount
Email mount "at" cs
Office AVW 3373
Office Hours To be announced. For now, send me email to arrange a time to meet. Mon and Wed 3:30-4:30pm. Send me email to arrange another time, if needed.
Teaching Assistant Tom Dubois
Email tdubois "at" cs
Office AVW 1112
Office Hours Tue 12-1pm and Wed 10-11am. Send him email to arrange another time, if needed.

Recent Annoucements

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Wed, May 21:
The course is finished for the semester. Have a great summer!
Mon, May 19:
Final Grades are now available on the Grades Page. If you would like to see your final exam, you can come by my office. Seven students whose grade fell close to a cutoff had their grade increased (e.g., B+ to A-) because of Extra Credit points. I have notified these students by email, so if you haven't heard from me, the grade listed is your final grade.
Grades were computed as follows. "HWAvg" is the average of the four highest homework grades with the lowest homework grade dropped. It is then rounded to the nearest integer. All homeworks were graded out of 100 points. "Total" is the weighted sum of HWAvg (25%), Ex1 (30%), and ExF (45%). Grades were assigned based on the following cutoffs:
  • A: 85-100
  • B: 73-85
  • C: 64-73
  • D: 50-64
  • F: less than 50
After this, the sum of the extra credit points were taken into consideration. Students that were close (within about 2%) of a cutoff and had a significant number of EC points, will be bumped up to the next higher grade when I file the final grades.