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  CMSC 102 - Section 0201 (Tu/Th 2:00-3:15)
Instructor: Evan Golub -
Note: Please put "[102]" in the subject line.

  • 05/17: The final exam and semester letter grades have been posted to the server.

  • 05/08: If you haven't done your course evaluations yet, just a reminder to visit before May 13th.

  • 05/04: Don't forget that we are doing an in-class activity on Thursday of this week, and if you have a laptop that you can bring to class, that would be useful. I will have loaner laptops as well, so if you don't have a laptop, that won't be a problem.

  • 05/02: Project 6 has been posted. We will see how to do the last stage in class on Tuesday.

  • 04/29: Google Books Project and Settlement - Good or Bad?

  • 04/26: If you ran the installer for P5 before today, when you get to the MarqueeExample.shtml file, it will say something about applets in it. You can ignore or delete those lines in that file. I originally was going to have that stage use both the marquee and a java applet (to compare and contrast) but decided not to do applets. You can just put the marquee in where it says "Applet Here" if you have the version of the file that mentions Java applets.

  • 04/23: The project 5 deadline has been extended until April 30th. Please don't forget about the 3rd in-class discussion which will still be on April 28th.

  • 04/12: If you've been following the "First Dog" stories and are curious, you could use the whois command to find out things like how was created on April 10th, and the owner is listed as "Domains by Proxy" which appears to be a company that helps you hide your personal info if you buy a domain (their website has more info).

  • 04/10: I've posted an updated version of the glossary in the class material section and have highlighted the more recent terms. It shows some more examples of some of the key terms that we've encountered in class. I've also updated the server with the project 3 grades - I'll have the grading sheets in class next week.

  • 04/09: Project 5 has been posted. I've also posted a link to the HTML document that we worked on today in class under the class notes. Once you have it up in your browser, you can right-click to view the source to see the HTML itself.

  • 04/08: I've updated the server with the second in-class discussion and the past few clicker days. I've also posted some example exam questions in the notes area.

  • 04/07: The 40th Anniversay of the RFC.

  • 04/02: When I changed the paper due date to April 9th from April 7th, I forgot to check the University list of dates. I have changed the due date to April 14th instead, but I strongly suggest that you finish it sooner rather than later.

  • 04/01: Here is a link to a story about the very long piece of music that I mentioned in class yesterday. An excerpt of one of his other works (4'33") is currently available for free on iTunes (I don't know when they will start charging again).

  • 03/29: Project 4 has been posted, and a correction has been made to the paper description regarding the paper length.

  • 03/26: The individual paper description has been posted.

  • 03/25: Note to Mac OS users - if you have OS X.4 and need to download a paint program, you'll probably want Paintbrush 1.2 since the later versions require OS X.5 to run.

  • 03/12: I will not be having my office hours at 3:30 today but I will be on campus tomorrow if you need to see me before break starts - just send me e-mail to schedule an appointment.

  • 03/08: I have posted the exam grades to the server. The exam reflects the inclusion of a slight positive adjustment. Exam grades are "out of 100" but since there were more than 100 points available, the maximum has to be set on the site as the highest score obtained. When semester grades are computed, the exam will be scored out of 100 in my spreadsheet with points above that as bonus points. The median exam grade was an 83. I will return the exams in class on Tuesday.

  • 03/04: I have updated the office hours list. Monday and Wednesday office hours will start at noon for the rest of the semester.

  • 03/04: Project 3 has been posted. Due before 7:59pm on Thursday, March 26th.

  • 02/26: In the optional text, the chapters/sections that we have seen are Chapter 1,3,4(1-5),5(1-4),6,7,8,9(1-8),10(1-5,7,8,10,13). In the posted notes, we have gone through all of the topics so all of the postings are good to review in general if you have not been reading them as we've covered each topic.

  • 02/24: I have posted some example questions and an example glossary under the class material page, and posted the readings for Tuesday's in-class discussion that will take place after the exam on the in-class discussions page.

  • 02/24: In TeraTerm, to configure it to be able to have a "backspace" key working, go to the SETUP menu, and then the KEYBOARD option from that menu - it should allow you to select which (backspace or delete) to send to the remote host when you type in locally.

  • 02/20: The VoIP application Skype was mentioned in class yesterday. You might find this article about Skype and China interesting.

  • 02/18: I've been told that Vista doesn't always have telnet "turned on" for you, but that the instructions at will allow you to enable it.

  • 02/17: I've posted a number of notes files - we will be discussing some more UNIX commands as well as looking at the pico editor and talking a little bit about text messaging and start e-mail on Thursday. Next Tuesday we should finish the e-mail topic.

  • 02/14: Happy Birthday ENIAC

  • 02/13: Project 2 has been posted.

  • 02/12: I have uploaded the clicker points from Tuesday to the grades server we will be using. You should be able to login with your University login and password. As the semester progresses, the clicker "Max" will increase to reflect how many points have been available so far. I will also add project grades, etc. as things are graded throughout the term.

  • 02/11: OIT has renamed some things, so when you are doing Task #6 of the project, on the activation page you want to activate TerpConnect which includes activating your GLUE account.

  • 02/10: I have posted readings for our first in-class discussion and the PDFs from today.

  • 02/06: I have set up the submission server. Please let me know if you encounter any problems when logging into it.

  • 02/05: I have posted today's set of slides. I will be posting an office hours schedule soon.

  • 02/03: I will have office hours tomorrow (Wednesday) from 11:30 to 1:30 and will have a weekly office hours schedule posted tomorrow afternoon.

  • 02/03: Project 1 has been posted. The submission server will be set up at the end of the week once the drop/add period is over, but you can work on the project tasks already. Please read the description details carefully before beginning the tasks.

  • 01/31: Did anyone notice that Google had a Glitch this morning?

  • 01/27: Due to campus closing today at 12:30pm, our first class session has been cancelled. Please read the Class Syllabus before class on Thursday. I have also posted a set of slides with some overview and definitions that I'd like you to skim before class on Thursday so that we can hit the ground running.

  • 01/26: I have posted the Class Syllabus.

    We will be using classroom response devices (known here as clickers) this semester. You will need to purchase either a ResponseCard RF Keypad or a ResponseCard XR Keypad. These can be purchased at the University Book Center, or online at using code gGRS to access the UM-discounted online store. They are also available at the Maryland Book Exchange on Route 1 in College Park.

    Once you have your clicker device, you will need to register your clicker's "Device ID" at your page under the "Academics & Testudo" tab.

    We will not have required books for this course. There will be a number of web-based readings to take the place of a book that would have been required in the past (this is to help offset the cost of the clickers). There is an optional textbook for the course - I will discuss this during the first class session.

    For the first day of class, I'd like you to try to find a trustworthy article that talks about cellular service on the National Mall on Inauguration Day and tell me whether or not you think I was able to post pictures from my iPhone to my photoblog. One place to start might be searching Google News but please feel free to start your search elsewhere. You only need to find one article that you feel is trustworthy.

    Some things to keep in mind to help you better manage your time well:

    The Internet has become a central part of our society in the past decade. The technology is ever-changing, yet it builds on foundations that date from the late 1960s. Some of the goals of this course include: